You’ve Never Seen Nail Art Like This Before

Nail art is everything these days. You can no longer surprise people with just a bold color or shape. Funky designs is where it’s at. And we think we’ve found the most outrageous nail artist ever. Nail Sunny is a nail art chain in Russia and the things they can do with your nails are astounding. We’re not talking just various detailed drawings and designs, they can do 3D figures and much much more. Take a look.

1.A perfect option for dentists, don’t you think?

2.Do you have a bikini body? This girl has 10!

3.When you’re so fed up with this planet you just want to get onto a rocket and fly away.

4.We don’t have a witty remark for this one. It’s just really pretty, ok?

5.Coke or Pepsi? You know what this girl prefers.

6.Great choice for baby showers, am I right?


7.Are you also a Sailor Moon fangirl? Cause this girl definitely is and she’s letting her freak flag fly high.

8. McDonald’s – we’re loving it.

9. Now this is just magical don’t you think?

10. When you’re feeling extra.

11. Some will think this is hella cool, others will cringe. Either way it’ll make people do a double take.

12. You just need to see this video. That coke bottle is ultra realistic. You can literally fill it with coke.

13. Glittery glasses – is this not a perfect nail design for a party?

14. And let’s end on a hilarious note. What do you think about these bearded nails?

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