Why Melania Trump’s Speech Had To Be Intentional

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So, it seems pretty evident to me that Melania’s train wreck of a speech was intentional. And if you don’t even consider that, it would be a mistake. This is a culmination of a campaign run on trashy controversy, but it was almost certainly orchestrated by Mr. Trump and his own team, quite carefully.

You guys really think an election candidate would be so naive for a production that high-profile? With that much exposure, would Trump really allow a blunder this massive to go without fact checking to such a ridiculous effect?


His whole campaign has been a demonstration on bad PR, and unfortunately, it’s been effective. Congrats, Team Trump, you’ve used poor Melania as a vessel to further spread your ignorant and idiotic message. He plagiarizes a past but recent first lady’s speech and forces media outlets to compare the two, no matter how much of a caricature that comparison is. He implicitly makes her a politician through this “blunder.”

He demonizes through race and gender, so when you think about the fact that he got his lovely, though vacant wife to parrot a strong black woman’s speech, he knew she would come across as embarrassing, but garner him media attention, as his past buffoon actions have.



He got a pretty white woman to deliver the words of an eloquent and iconic African American woman, knowing America would lose its shit, and, well, it did. On every paper and website possible.


Trump’s camp is all about pitting women again each other – they tried to blame this whole situation on Hilary Clinton, saying she was threatened by Melania and made it a goal to “demean” her. Hilary is definitely eye-rolling her way out of this foolish conversation.

Trump has turned into a cleverly scripted reality show, and everyone in his personal life are characters within that show, including pageant queen Mel. They have capitalized off his evolution into celebrity rather than politician (though whether Trump was ever really a politician is worth an eyebrow-raise or two).


We’re generating this buzz, and it needs to stop. We need to stop talking about this man, who in his own book, wrote, “bad publicity is sometimes better than no publicity at all”. He knows his Jerry Springer tactic of a campaign sells, and is consciously capitalizing on it. The world will slowly turn into Hunger Games with this man as president. We’re all doomed.

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One thought on “Why Melania Trump’s Speech Had To Be Intentional
  1. I do love the manner in which you have presented this specific challenge plus it does supply me personally a lot of fodder for consideration. However, from what precisely I have seen, I simply hope as other comments pile on that men and women continue to be on issue and in no way get started upon a tirade of the news du jour. Anyway, thank you for this superb piece and whilst I do not necessarily concur with the idea in totality, I respect the perspective.

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