Why Angelina Jolie Isn’t Looking for Love Anytime Soon

Angelina Jolie has always been in the spotlight, and because of that, her personal life is constantly poked and prodded for public consumption. Her love life is no exception to this. The tabloids love to report on the latest developments in Jolie’s life in the love department. But not only do the tabloids love to follow Angelina’s love life because she’s a celebrity, but also because she has done some pretty strange and unique things with her significant others. What is surprising is that Angelina has said that she is not really focused on dating currently. Wonder how such a wonderful and sought after celeb is calling off romance? Learn why Angelina Jolie isn’t looking for love anytime soon. 

As stated, there have been some pretty strange things in Angelina Jolie’s love life that keep the tabloids talking about her. For instance, when she was married briefly to Billy Bob Thornton, she and Billy wore vials of each other’s blood as necklaces around their necks. They also talked pretty casually about their sex life back then, which was the early 2000’s. Thornton reflected back on that time, saying, “I look at that time as a great time ’cause, you know, Angie is still a friend of mine and she’s a great person.” Angelina and Billy both say that the media blew the story out of proportion. Angelina said, “It was never a vial anyway … It was like a flower press. It was like from a slight cut on your finger and you press your fingerprint in. It was kind of a sweet gesture. I thought it was kind of romantic! I still love him dearly and think the world of him, and I’m proud to have been his wife for a time.” 

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