What Was Melania Trump Like When She Was Young?

Melania Trump wasn’t always busy “quoting” other First Lady speeches verbatim and revealing badly designed logos of new public initiatives. We all know someone who’s made the questionable choice of marrying someone who’s… not ideal (to say the least). At this point, with all the recent photos and videos of her attitude towards Mr. Trump, at the very least we can choose to admire her stick-to-itness. People change, but this article is less about what Melania Trump has the opportunity to change into and more about the path that led her to where she is now. Let’s look at Melania Trump’s past and who she was when she was young.

1. Melania Trump’s Family

Melania Trump was born in Novo Mesto, Slovenia to a manager of an automotive company and a mother who worked as a patternmaker at a children’s clothing manufacturer. Melania Trump is particularly fond of her mother’s profession, attributing her interest in fashion and modelling to her mother, who worked in the industry.

2. Melania’s Modelling Career

Melania Trump started modelling early. Since the age of five, Melania modelled the clothes that her mother made at work. This early experience paid off, and at the age of 18 she signed to an Italian modelling agency, and soon thereafter was the runner-up at a Slovenian modelling contest.

At 26, she moved to New York, where she continued her modelling career, appearing in provocative photoshoots for Max (France), GQ (Britain), Harper’s Bazaar (Bulgaria), and Vanity Fair (Italy). She’s not the first or last First Lady to appear in a fashion magazine, but she certainly holds the title for the most revealing photoshoot.

3. Meeting and Marrying Donald Trump

Melania Trump met Donald (then, a public personality and real estate mogul) in 1998, and they got married seven years later. Throughout their relationship, Melania continued her modelling career, making her husband very proud that he was married to a model.

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