What Kind Of Pet Should You Get According To Your Zodiac Sign?


Choosing to get a pet is not a decision you should make lightly. You’re not just getting a toy, it’s a friend you’ll have for years to come. It’s going to rely on you to feed it, take care of it and entertain it, so it’s crucial to evaluate whether you’re even ready for such a responsibility. There are so many things to consider. Are you financially stable enough to get a pet? Cause it’s not just their food you’ll have to pay for, vet visits can cost a pretty penny too. How much time do you have that you can spend with your pet? What kind of lifestyle do you lead? Active or laid back? You need a pet that will match those needs too. And even when you’re done answering those questions you still need to figure out what kind of animal will be best for you in terms of temperament and character. A fun way to decided that is to look at your Zodiac sign, since it can be a good way to sum up your personality.

1. Aries – Puppy
You are generally quite optimistic, active and hands on in your approach to life. A puppy will be a perfect pet for Aries. Dogs are always excited to see you, they love running and playing, so if you lead a very active lifestyle they will make great companion for morning or evening runs and weekend hikes. Basically, if you’re an Aries and you always thought you were a dog person – you were right!

2. Taurus – Teacup Piglet
You’re smart, independent, but also love attention? A teacup pig is the best pet for you. They’re as smart as puppies, and despite their size they can fend for themselves pretty well, so that will match your personality pretty well. Plus, having a pig as a pet is still considered unusual, so you’re bound to get lots of attention whenever you take your pet for a walk in the park.

3. Gemini – Parrot
Geminis are not quiet people. You love gossiping, talking to your friends and voicing your opinions and you need a pet who can hold up a conversation. A parrot is a great option for you. They’re just as energetic as you and they will love listening to you, even if it’s 6am or the middle of the night. What’s even better – they’re smart birds, so you can teach them words and phrases, so they can hold up their end of a conversation!

4. Cancer – Kitty
You Cancer people are quite caring, nurturing and patient. You also love the idea of spending your free time at home, watching movies and just chilling rather than going out and socializing. Well guess what? You should get a cat. They can be a bit demanding, which you can easily handle, and they always give back to their owners by showing love and appreciation with cuddles and purring. Just imagine how much better your chill time in front of a TV will be if you have a fluffy cat to cuddle with.

5. Leo – Horse
You’re graceful, elegant and poised and you have a presence that is impossible to ignore. Get a horse as a pet – they’re pretty much the same as you in that way. Sure, it’s a pet you can really cuddle with, and you can’t keep it at home – you’ll need a stable, but that’s ok with you. You’re not much of a cuddler. It’s an expensive pet for a person with expensive tastes. It takes a lot of time, money and dedication, but you’re a Leo, that’s barely a challenge for you.


6.Virgo – Fish
Virgo’s generally lead pretty busy lives, they spend a lot of time achieving their goals and climbing the career ladder, so they don’t have time for a very needy pet. They’re much better of with a low maintenance pet like a fish. They’re easy to take care of, you can get quite a few, they don’t need to be walked twice a day and they definitely won’t leave any fur around your house or scratch up your furniture. It’s perfect, am I right? Plus, just watching your fish swim around in an aquarium is a nice way to relax after a long stressful day.

7. Libra – Dove
You’re a hopeless romantic, and while you love the idea of having a pretty house with a white picket fence and a lovely English retriever, in your mind this is a very well trained retriever that never leaves any mess around and is always on his best behavior. That’s not realistic is it? Now how about getting a white dove? Isn’t that the most romantic pet you could possibly have? It won’t create a mess, and it looks so beautiful, plus it’s a symbol of love and peace. How freaking romantic is that?

8. Scorpio – Snake
You probably think having a scorpion would be rad, but a snake is way more fitting for you. Snakes are cool, unique and mysterious, just like you. Plus, they don’t require that much attention, which will appeal to you. You don’t even have to feed them every day, so that’s a nice bonus for busy Scorpios.

9. Sagittarius – Turtle
Sagittarius are always on the move and they love travelling and getting into crazy adventures, so getting a turtle might seem weird at first. But think about it, you can’t really take any pet with you on those adventures. So it’s best to get a pet that’s low maintenance and can doesn’t need a lot of time and attention, but will always be there to greet you when you return home. A turtle is a perfect match for that.

10. Capricorn – Ferret
Capricorns are very particular and they love feeling like they’re special and unique. There’s nothing wrong with that, and in fact we think having a ferret as a pet will work well with their personality. Ferrets can be a bit capricious but you won’t be fazed by that, plus they’re very fun to play with and you will probably be the only one in your friend group who can say they have a ferret as a pet.

11. Aquarius – Just Don’t
This might sound a little harsh, but if you’re an Aquarius you probably shouldn’t get a pet. You value freedom a lot and you’re not great with commitments. And having a pet is a huge commitment. So you’re better of cat sitting for your friends when they need to get away for a weekend, petting strays and feeding birds and squirrels in the park.

12. Pisces – Bunny
Pisces are some of the sweetest, loveliest and sensitive people in the world. They love their quiet time and they love cute things. Having an adorable fluffy bunny as a pet is a great idea for them. They’re sweet, they’re cuddly and they’re a perfect companion for a quiet night in, which we know you love.

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