What Is The Difference Between Real And Lab Created Diamonds?


We can all agree that diamonds are one of the most beautiful things nature has given mankind. They are just so stunning to behold. Lab-grown diamonds have stirred up different topics over the years, including hypes and reviews. This kind of diamond is grown in the lab. 

There is no doubt that lab-grown diamonds are a thing of beauty. Whether you wish to purchase one of these or a natural diamond requires you pay attention to certain details. Are lab-created diamonds any different from real diamonds? This article is written to provide a deep insight on this topic. Now, let’s dive in!

Is there any difference between lab and real diamonds?

Lab diamonds offer cost-effective means of purchasing a stunning gem. After all, it is possible to purchase a 2.15ct diamond of this kind for $7,000. While it looks almost like a real diamond, can it stand the test of time like a typical natural diamond?

Lab-grown diamonds are different from the ones nature has provided in abundance in that they are artificially created in the laboratory.

How do they compare?

In terms of their physical and chemical makeup, these gems are identical and there are no obvious distinctions between them. You wouldn’t be able to spot a difference if both were presented to you. Carbon is the major element found in all diamonds. However, while natural diamonds have traces of Nitrogen in them, their lab-grown counterparts don’t. 

Natural diamonds are a rare, finite commodity and have many unique components. Unlike lab-created diamonds, you can assure a real diamond will be one of a kind as it was mined naturally. Be sure to choose ethically sourced diamonds, like those offered by Kimberfire Diamond Jeweller

The latter is often regarded as a synthetic diamond. This is probably the reason why many people erroneously think they are fake. In fact, they are as real as the mined ones. Whether you choose to employ the use of a diamond as an industrial tool or for aesthetic purpose, both types can offer similar relevant properties. 

Scientists believe that diamonds were formed in nature deep inside the earth billions of years ago. While there is no clear knowledge of how these amazing jewels came to be, it is believed that their formation started from carbon dioxide that is stored several miles beneath the face of the earth.

These gases are exposed to heat that could be as high as 2,200°C and subjected to immense pressure of approximately 730,000 pounds per square inch. These are then transported from beneath the earth to the surface via strong volcanic explosions.

While nature does this work underneath the earth surface, synthetic diamonds are manufactured by mimicking nature through the High Pressure/High Temperature (HPHT) process. Three processes can make this possible: the cubic press, the belt press, and the split-sphere press. Each process is aimed at creating an environment of high temperature and pressure where the growth of diamonds can take place. Another method of producing diamonds in the lab is through the Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) process. 

The best kind of lab-grown diamonds

If you wish to purchase a synthetic diamond, you might consider going for a CVD or HPHT diamond. Both processes produce stunning products. You don’t need to worry much about how synthetic diamonds are made. As mentioned earlier, they offer similar qualities as natural diamonds. 

These synthetic gems are priced and graded by using the 4Cs that are employed in assessing the quality of real diamonds. The shades of color may appear slightly different as a result of the manufacturing process. Again, both gems deliver great aesthetic qualities.


The dream of producing amazing gems artificially has long caught the attention of visionaries. As technology advances, several techniques have been developed to ensure this possibility. Indeed, the similarities in the qualities of both natural and man-made diamonds are striking. Just like the former, synthetic diamonds have been proven to stand the test of time.

That being said, if you want something truly personal and one-of-a-kind, natural diamonds are the only way to go.

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