What happened to Yasmine Bleeth?

If you grew up watching Baywatch you probably recognize Yasmine Bleeth. She played Caroline Holden on the show and was quite a celebrity in her day. But since then it seems like she disappeared off the face of the Earth, or at least off the screen and off the grid. You haven’t seen her on TV since the early 2000s. If you’ve found yourself wondering what happened to Yasmine Bleeth – keep reading. 

First Acting Job

Yasmeen started out her career when she was only a baby. Her first acting job was a baby shampoo commercial when she was 10 months old. From then on she did a few more commercials and was even featured on the reality TV show called Candid Camera. 

Teen Years

When Yasmine was a teenager she acted in soap operas and musicals. In 1980 she got a leading role in “Hey, Babe!”, a musical drama about a 12-year-old orphan who desperately wants to make it in show business and a vaudevillian has-been who lost his career due to alcoholism. Yasmine also got a job on the soap opera “Ryan’s Hope” in the 80s.

First Breakthrough

In 1991 Yasmine was offered the role of LeeAnn Demerest Buchanan on the hit soap opera “One Life To Live”. It was a big deal, that show’s been on air since the 60s, and what actor doesn’t want a steady job. But Jasmine almost turned it down, because she was too distraught with grief. Her mother passed away only several months before. Thankfully, Yasmine realized that it was a chance for her and took the role. 

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