What Happened To Ginny Weasley From Harry Potter?


Wright is known all over the world as the girl who played Ginny
Weasley, Ron’s little sister and as we all know, later on, Harry’s
bae. Her character’s transformation and role in the whole universe
developed and changed over the years and it’s actually pretty
interesting how that lines up with how Bonnie’s life changed thanks
to the Harry Potter films and since then.

all started out when she was very little and already a fan of the
books. She and her brother loved Harry Potter and were probably
dreaming of getting a letter from Hogwarts in the mail when they
heard that the films about to be made. It was actually Bonnie’s
brother who suggested she should audition for the role of Ginny and
somehow she managed to get it, even though she had no connections to
the world of cinema prior.

only appears in one scene in the first Harry Potter movie but Bonnie
was happy to do it if it meant she gets to be in Harry Potter. By the
second movie her role became way more important and substantial,
after all, Ginny’s the one who opened the Chamber of Secrets. With
each year Bonnie spent more and more time on set as her role became
more integral to the story. She kind of grew up with Harry Potter and
the gang, she spent 10 years on that job and while it was always
thrilling it wasn’t always easy. Bonnie has recalled in interviews
that there were days when she didn’t feel good but she couldn’t
take a day off because the sets cost millions of pounds per day, so
rain or shine she had to go and act.

she remembers those years fondly. She was part of something huge and
unique, something millions of kids all over the world dreamt of,
something that touched and shaped a whole generation. She also
realised that everyone working on those movies loved what they were
doing and were true professionals at the top of their game, so that’s
something she always kept in mind and tried to learn from them as
much as possible about the world of movie-making.

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