What Fast Food Looks Like Around The World


Not all fast food around the world is equal – you might be used to a cheeseburger and fries, but there are some pretty wild dishes out there that will challenge your notion of what fast food is, and the comfort foods that each country loves. Check out what your favorite fast food chains offer all over the globe – what would you try?

1. Fajita and Paneer Grilled Stuft Burritos, Taco Bell India
What do you think of when you hear the word “burrito?” Probably some beans, rice, and a heavy dose of guac? Think again – in Taco Bells in India, burritos are served with Indian cheese called paneer, and flavorful fajitas.

2. La Savoyarde, Dominos France
Ah, France. The epicenter of everything nom-worthy, so why should their fast food be any different? The French do love their cheese, so it makes sense that this pie is dairy loaded – at Dominoes, they offer La Savoyarde, which is filled with crème freche, mozzarella and reblochon cheese, and potatoes. Ummm we’ll take four.

3. Dry Pork & Seaweed Donuts, Dunkin Donuts China
When you envision Dunkin Donuts, you’re used to the sprinkle-coated, pastel colored donuts lining the shelves, with the dreaded raisin bran muffin being the worst culprit available. But in China, they offer donuts stuffed with dry pork and seaweed, and we’re not sure if it tastes as suspicious as it looks and sounds.

4. Kimchi Croquette Donuts, Dunkin Donuts Korea
Another sketchy offering from Dunkin Donuts in Asia, but it’s pretty hard to turn down a croquette – crispy browned doughy outside, gooey delicious inside. Kimchi fans will go nuts for this one stuffed with kimchi – and along with a punch of flavor, it’s actually quite good for you – so why not give it a shot?


5. Poutine, McDonald’s Canada
Poutine is basically cheese fries smothered in gravy, and for Canadians, it’s the comfort food equivalent of mac and cheese in the USA. The cheese in poutine comes in the form of squeaky cheese curds which are so super satisfying to bite into, they might convert you into an ex-pat!

6. Marmite Stuffed Crust Pizza, Pizza Hut New Zealand
Marmite seems like one of those acquired tastes, sort of like caviar, or smoked salmon. Well, in New Zealand you can get pizza with a marmite stuffed rust from Pizza Hut, and we have a feeling that only the local are raving about this one.

7. Cheeto Quesadilla, Taco Bell Philippines
If you get stoned or drunk enough, this could be cheezy, junk food concoction heaven. If you are sober, then this might seem like an irrational decision. Either way, we’re curious – but only those who are in the Philippines get to try this Mexican meets junk food invention.

8. Bubur Ayam, McDonald’s Indonesia
Bubur Ayam is an Indonesian delicacy consisting of chicken in savory porridge, with onions, fried shallots, chilies, and chopped ginger. Sounds delicious and way more exotic than a burger and fries – of course, they make it McDonalds by incorporating chicken strips that are basically chicken fingers.

9. Ebi Filet-O, Mcdonalds Japan
Instead of a normal ol’ filet of fish, Japan decided to take the pescatarian favorite and turn it into a full-on shrimp burger. We’re not sure what the original fish they used in the filet was, so at least we know that this one is all shrimp! We’d give it a shot.

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