Victoria Beckham Wears Her Own Designs

Victoria Beckham is
known for a lot of things. She started off as Posh Spice on Spice
Girls and many of us still think of her that way. She also is married
to one of the most well known and most gorgeous and famous English
football players – David Beckham. And she’s also a woman of
impeccable taste and style who is not only adored by fashion
designers and envied by models, but she’s become a successful
fashion designer in her own right. And while some designers create
collections and fashion pieces purely as art or just for the models
to wear, Victoria clearly likes to make pieces that she would want to
wear. In fact, she’s often seen wearing her own pieces even styled
very similarly to the runway shows. Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Here you can see
Victoria wearing a black coat with chain detail right off the runway.
Except she also paired it with a handbag that has the same chain on
it for continuity and a put-together look.

2. See? Same coat,
different person. Clearly, it works on the runway, but it also
seamlessly blends in for everyday wear and adds a bit of color to
your life.

3. Clearly, this
dress is statement enough that you don’t even need to think of
accessories. As you can see Victoria styled it the same way as she
did it for the model. Pointy shoes are all you need, but in her case,
she went for heels to add a bit of height.

4. Victoria also
often wears a very similar design to the ones she chose for the
runway but alters it slightly. Here it was a skirt, on her, it’s a

5. Love this
military-style dress. It’s very Victoria and it makes perfect sense
that she would create this piece and then wear it herself.

6. An almost
identical outfit, except Victoria, went for a pop of red with that
shirt collar instead of that neutral one for the runway.

7. It might be a
different skirt, but it’s definitely the same sweater. And the
whole idea of the outfit is identical too.


8. Another classic
example of how Victoria makes things unique by slightly altering
them. On the right is the suit from her collection. On the left you
can see how, even though she’s wearing the exact same top under it,
she still made is unique by changing the collar to black and wearing
black heels.

9. Here’s Victoria
posing for photos with her husband wearing her own design with either
a different neckline or a little silk scarf in the same pattern.

10. In this instance, Victoria didn’t even bother to change anything. Clearly, the idea seemed perfect to begin with so she just wore the same thing the model is wearing on the runway.

11. Same dress, but
looks just as good. We can’t see the shoes Victoria’s wearing but
we’re almost certain she went for a heel. After all, she is rather

12. Lady Beckham
chose to wear the same shoes as the model but she did tuck in the
shirt under her skirt to accentuate her figure and cinch in the

13. And once more
the dress is so perfect and enough of a statement, to begin with, you
don’t even need to bother with accessories. We love how Victoria
just makes these perfect pieces that speak for themselves.

14. The beautiful
color combination and the exact same outfit as seen on the runway.
What can we say, Victoria Beckham clearly loves what she’s doing
and the clothes she designs enough to wear them on a daily basis? We
should all be a bit like her in that regard.

15 And one more…

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