Ugo Jesse – Provocative Nigerian Cartoonist Fights Definitions Of Beauty


Ugo Jesse is a Nigerian cartoonist who completes illustrations with hilarious little speech bubbless. Scrolling through his page is like reading a comic book in a much more digestible form, and some of his content is quite provocative!

He also addresses issues like mental health issues such as depression, body shaming, cancer awareness, sexual harassment, and even some political opinions here and there.

We love that he’s tackling these issues because we need more men coming from a perspective of unity and empathy, and Ugo is surely doing that. Yet he also chooses universally relatable topics that men and women can both give a resounding, “Amen!” to.

Ugo fights the rules of society by challenging us to think for ourselves. Also the actual quality of his cartoons are phenomenal and could stand on their own as art.

Some don’t like that Ugo is so blatant with his open-mindedness and brave tackling of risqué topics, but he’s one of the male allies that we need so desperately nowadays, and he also proves that.


Ugo is an amazing role model for young men looking for a narrative on how they should treat women and other delicate situations in life. Even if men have had a father figure, these lessons aren’t necessarily taught or implied.

Apart from women, the mental health aspect is just as vital and proves this is an issue with men that they feel they can’t vocalize due to toxic masculinity.

Ugo shows men that they can vocalize their feelings, and more importantly, that we should vocalize our love and support for others since it could make the difference between life and death in the context of mental health.

But it’s not a pushy way of showing reality and problematic issues of society – he shows his points through art, and lets the onlooker decide for themselves.

While many of the comments on Ugo’s art are hurtful and speak to that social stigma that’s so engrained, many more people reach out to him and leave uplifting comments – his fanbase of over 187,000 people is definitely proof of that.

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