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Travel Destinations For The Real Gourmets

One of the best parts about going on vacation is the opportunity to try new and exotic food. I mean, who doesn’t love eating? So why not plan an entire destination around it? Here are the top foodie spots in the world where you can indulge your gourmet tooth.

New Orleans
Crawfish, fried oysters, and rich Louisiana gumbo are just a few of the flavorful experiences to indulge in here.

Currently, oyster bars are what’s hot in New York, and they have their fare share of fine seafood and steakhouse dining experiences. After all, the famous Peter Lugar steakhouse is located here.


Tuscany, Italy
We could eat pasta or pizza any day of the week, but carbo loading in the home Italian cuisine itself simply can’t be beat. Homemade pasta noodles bath in rich, meaty sauces, contrasting against briny olives and antipasto dishes to wash down with a hearty Tuscan wine.

Country with more Michelin stars than any other, diverse array of cuisine catering to all budgets, high quality seasonal ingredients no matter which experience you choose.


London, UK
London is filled with high class, gourmet experiences, and is filled with ethnic diversity which means that almost any cuisine can be found tucked away in some corner of the city. The bars have an equally sophisticated air to them.


Lyon, France
This is where the heart of French gastronomy exists. Food here is quite rich, and the central food market known as Les Halles is what draws foodies from all corners of the world.


Copenhagen, Denmark
The chefs out of Denmark are doing some wildly creative and ultra-modern work that would be a shame to miss out on. The famous and highly acclaimed restaurant Noma is here, and should be the first stop on your foodie destination checklist.


Once known for its family owned tapas bars, the dining scene in Barcelona is exploding and filled with gastronomic innovation. This city has a healthy amount of Michelin stars to cater to all of your decadent dining needs.

San Sebastian, Spain
Maybe its cheating to follow up with another location in Spain, but Basque is synonymous with foodies for being one of the world’s top food spots. It is home to 2 restaurants in the top 20 tier of the formidable World’s 50 Best Restaurants.


Melbourne, Australia
We had to include this just for the city’s annual Melbourne Food & Wine Festival, which goes on for 17 days in March. Culinary giants host events, cook for participants, and hold lunch and dinner events with lectures, tastings, and street food walks like the Crawl n Bite, which takes visitors on a tour of the city’s hottest restaurants.

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