Top 12 Indian Instagram Influencers

While Hollywood is trying harder now to be inclusive, it’s still hard to become a celebrity as a minority. Everyone has to jump through hoops to achieve success and fit a specific mold. Thankfully these days we have social media, so if we can’t find role models or someone to relate to on TV and in old-school media, we can definitely find them online. So let’s take a look at top 12 Indian social media influencers who are doing their part at making this world a more interesting, inclusive, and diverse place by just being themselves online.

1. Ankita
Ankita is a Toronto based creator and influencer. She post a lot of photos of herself dressed in traditional Indian dressed that are incredibly intricate and absolutely stunning. So if you want some Desi magic in your feed we suggest you follow Ankita. She’s also a big fan of traditional Indian jewelry, so you’re bound to see a lot of precious nose rings that will make you wish you could wear them as effortlessly as she does.

2. Kavita
Kavita is a London based fashion and travel blogger. On her Instagram you’ll see lots of amazing outfits to get inspired by and even more beautiful locations around the world that you’ll add to your list of dream vacations.


3.Trishna Goklani
Trisha is based in London these days, because she’s studying Fashion Journalism in London College of Fashion. As you can see she’s really passionate about fashion and beauty and her Instagram reflects that. Here you’ll see very stylish outfits, beauty and accessory recommendations and a bit of travel.

4. Aashna Shroff
Aashna calls herself a caffeine dependent makeup enthusiast with a love for fashion, flights and French fries, but with over 500K followers on Instagram we’d call her a social media queen. This girl knows how to dress well, look amazing and keep people interested.


5. Genie
Genie is a Mumbai based modern day girl with a passion for makeup and fashion and over 300K followers on Instagram. She has a very cute yet edgy and unique style. Apart from Instagram Genie also occasionally posts YouTube videos and she makes jewelry. So all in all she’s a very cool and multi-talented young lady.

6. Larissa Dsa
Larissa is a Mumbai based influencer. She’s a lifestyle blogger with a passion for personal style, beauty and travelling. She’s also a graphic artist, YouTuber, GoPro creator and an ambassador. Basically Larissa can do it all and her 306K followers on Instagram love her for that.



7. Cas
Cas says she’s doing pretty well for a girl with no talent, but we disagree. She’s clearly very talented. She’s a successful YouTuber and is now growing rapidly as an Instagram model. She’s got a fantastic sense of humor, which you’ll notice immediately when you watch her videos and hear her witty comments. She’s also outspoken about what it’s like trying to make it as an Indian girl.

8. Sahil Khan
It’s not just girls who can be Instagram influencers, men are pretty good at it too. Sahil Khan for example has 3 million followers, he’s an awarded fitness and youth icon and is the owner of India’s Biggest Gym Life Fitness.


9. Sruthi
Sruthi is a Dallas based influencer who loves embracing her cultural heritage and doesn’t shy away from wearing traditional Indian clothes. She even has her own merch under the name Curry Queen co. She’s amazing at makeup, has a great sense of style and she does YouTube too. As Sruthi eloquently put in her Insta bio she’s “On a mission to spread joy”, and light and we wish her all the luck in the world.

10. Raghav Juyal
Raghav is a famous Indian dancer, choreographer and actor. His fame started when he auditioned for Dance India Dance and the rest is history. He now does a lot of hosting and anchoring in India and lots of people love to copy his amazing dance moves, especially the slow motion ones. He might be more of a traditional celeb but with almost 4 million followers on Instagram we’re pretty sure he qualifies as an influencer too.


11. Mishti
Mishti is a Bengali girl based in Australia. She’s got impeccable style and like to change it up often. One day she’s wearing an oversized yet stylish hoodie, the next she’s sporting a traditional Indian dress, and then suddenly she looks ready for a night out on the town or a red carpet event. She’s also a professional model.

12. Mira Patel
Mira is a professional makeup artist and she often post beautiful photos of herself with flawless makeup looks. She also does tutorials on YouTube. Apart from being a very talented makeup artist she’s also a model. So if you need makeup inspo – follow her!

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