Top 10 Megan Fox Movies to Watch


This brunette bombshell has been on everyone’s radars (and bedroom walls) for well over a decade. Today, she’s back on our screens as a horror queen in films like Till Death, looking like she hasn’t aged a day. To celebrate this beauty returning to acting, we wanted to take a look back at her most memorable movies of all time. 

1. Jennifer’s Body

In this horror movie, the vixen is turned into an immortal succubus who loves to feast on dudes. It all goes down when a satanic ritual goes wrong, and her BFF played by Amanda Seyfried, goes on a mission to stop Jennifer from killing all the boys at their school. It was vastly underrated back when it was released in 2009, but after the #metoo movement, got more of the recognition it deserved. 

2. Transformers

Besides explosions and action scenes, the main reasons that people ran to watch Transformers was to see the character known as Mikaela Banes, who is depicted by the foxy Fox. In both the original and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Fox and LaBeouf help the Autobots. Even when she’s sweaty and covered in dirt, she still looks like a supermodel. 

3. This Is 40

In the sequel to Knocked Up, we got to see Meg flex her creative muscles as Desi, the hilarious escort-slash-retail-worker that goes partying with Leslie Mann, who is experiencing a midlife crisis. It’s one of our favorite Megan Fox movies to date, but that’s partially because of the star-studded supporting cast she had to riff off.

4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Playing the role of April O’Neil, this is another action-filled role of Fox’s. In it, she works alongside Will Arnett, Stephen Amell and the turtles to fight an evil nemesis and a mad scientist who want to hold the world hostage with a lethal formula.

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