Top 10 Male Models Of 2018

We never need an excuse for more chiseled eye candy to scroll through in order to make the work day pass by faster. This round-up of 2018’s most successful models is exactly that, and it’s bound to make your day better. See the handsome guys quietly dominating the fashion industry and stealing the hearts of women all over.

1. Anwar Hadid
This is probably the most famous name on this list, thanks to his sisters. Seriously, Yolanda, how do you birth three human beings genetically perfect enough to all become supermodels? This tanned babe belongs to IMG like his sisters and debuted on Nylon magazine a couple of years back, and has since walked the runways for Moschino and Hugo Boss.

2. Lucky Blue Smith
With a name like this, how do you not get famous? He was signed to an international modelling agency by age 12, and is only 19. At this rate, Lucky is going to dominate the modelling world and be a key player in it for a long, long time.

3. Jon Kortajarena
You’ve definitely seen this gorgeous Spanish model in a campaign or ten. He’s the epitome of sexy with his luscious hair and eyebrows and chiseled bone structure. He’s modelled for Armani, Versace, Lagerfeld and more.


4. Adonis Bosso
Adonis Bosso is the beautiful, septum-ringed firecracker from the Ivory Coast who is fighting the fashion diversity problem within the industry, and doing it in an elegant way. He’s inspired by the sharp looks of the 1960s, but we think his own street style is pretty fantastic as well.

5. Alessio Pozzi
Italian bae Alessio is part of Next Management New York and Elite Milan. He was discovered while waiting for an appointment in a dentist’s office. For the girls sick of these thickly browed, bearded bad boys, Alessio is the clean-cut, well groomed boy band member of your dreams.

6. Jeenu Mahadevan
Jeenu Mahadevan is the mocha cutie that has garnered our attention this year. While the Sri Lankan-Norwegian might not have millions of Instagram followers like some of the models on this list, he’s done some big campaigns such as Adidas, Vogue Hommes, H&M, Burberry and more.

7. Reece King
Reece King is the English mixed race cutie with over 562,000 Instagram followers who refuses to go by heteronormative, masculine stereotypes. With his original look (he’s Irish, Caribbean, and tatted up) it’s no wonder that the industry, notably SUPA Models, took notice.

8. Filip Hrivnak
Filip is a Slovak model that they need to cast in the next “Twilight” movie ASAP. He actually used to be a hockey player and is relatively new to the game of modelling, but slaying the game with his smouldering looks. He’s modelled for GQ, Calvin Klein, Balmain, and Vogue Hommes International, amongst many other successful brands.

9. Sean O’pry
Sean has our heart mostly because his Golden Retriever dominates his Instagram feed, but also because of the deep azure well within his eyes, and his somehow flawless skin. This mixed cutie is Irish and Native American and has worked with Versace, Ferragamo, Hugo Boss and more.

10. Serge Rigvava
6’2 Austrian bad boy Serge Rigvava has worked with Elite London and Wilhelmina New York and has over 30 clients all over the globe. His youthful look and redhead curls make him less of a suit-and-tie model, and more of an edgy young Leo DiCaprio. So much swag.

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