Top 10 Instagram Accounts That Show Life In India as It Is

We live in a time when you can travel the world without living the comfort of your own home. Social media does wonders when it comes to being able to experience the world and it’s beauty without spending a penny or leaving your apartment. Today we’re going to show you the beauty of India through Instagram accounts that show life in India as is it. Take a look at top 10 Instagram accounts that will showcase the best and the most interesting bits of India and its citizens.

1. Prashanth Vishwanathan
Prashanth Vishwanathan is a photographer who uses his craft to shine a light on various social and environmental issues. He combines beautiful photography with meaningful captions that make people take a minute and think about the world and what they can do to make it better.

2. The Cheesecake Project
This Instagram account is run by Stuti Sakhalkar Dasgupta & Co. who photograph and film weddings in Mumbai and worldwide. If you want some wedding inspiration or to hire a wedding photographer – this is the place to go.

3. DancerUkmini
Rukmini Vijayakumar is beautiful and talented dancer. She’s a creative genius who manages to mix old traditional and new contemporary dance moves in a mesmerizing way. She also teaches dance and her Instagram showcases videos of her and her students.


4. The Gutless Foodie
Natasha Diddee lost her stomach to a tumor but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying all sorts of delicious foods. Her Instagram #thegutlessfoodie shows us how varies, tasty and colorful Indian cuisine can be.

5. Chalo Hoppo
If you always wanted to travel to the most beautiful places in India, Chalo Hoppo is the Instagram to get inspired, see the sights and plan your journey. You can even book a trip with them since it’s a travel company that provides authentic local explodes in Northeast India.

6. Window Seat Project
If you want to see real rural India you have to travel by train. This is the most common and accessible mode of transportation here and it’s a perfect way to see all the sights and all the people. This Instagram gives you a peek into the lives of people on Indian trains and their commutes, but also shows you the stunning views out of the train window.

7. Sidd Harthajoshi
Siddhartha Joshi is a travel photographer based in Mumbai. Their photography showcases the hustle and bustle of Mumbai life and the intricacies of life of its citizens. Here you’ll see all sorts of people and sights. He manages to capture everyone in such beautiful way that you feel like you know the people on the picture and what their life is about even if you see them for the first time.

8. The Ramukaka
Rufus Reynolds describes himself as an ordinary guy who travels and documents his life. But once you see his Instagram you’ll realize that he’s actually a talented photographer who manages to capture life as it is.

9. Hindustan Pictures
Unlike all the previous Instagram accounts this is an account that posts photos from various photographers and artists that show the real life of India.

10. St+art India
St+art India is a unique Instagram that is more about street art and artistic projects in India. But street art reflects life so you get to see the creative side of India and its citizens.

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