Toddler Snaps Adorable High Fashion Selfies

When you first hear the word ”selfie” you think of a group of girls at brunch duck-facing. But one little nugget on the gram named Ainini is redefining the selfie and making it cuter than ever. Oh, and her face is so small, it’s usually covered by the phone.

can’t handle the cuteness overload of her little side buns. Her
well-curated fashion look here is a peach pink dress with billow
sleeves and a translucent apron that makes her look like a character
in a movie.

she documents a different look with overalls and a yellow jumper
underneath. We love how all over her looks are so vintage and
timeless, yet still very in tune with 2019.

Ainini is ready for beach day and expresses some signature sass at
her mother while modeling a long sleeved, light blue one piece and
sunglasses that have her looking like an A-list celebrity.

see a lot of California boho girls with this look, but we think
Ainini pulls it off the best. I mean, that sock and hair clip
coordination, pared with the most comfortable outfit ever? Sign us

is a style icon on the internet for people who are decades older than
her – her style doesn’t try to hard, but reflects innocent
elegance in simplicity in a way that is sophisticated but also
emphasizes the free-ness of childhood.

orange beanie is everything! In this post, Ainini explains her love
for comfortable top and bottom sets in the caption, but we never
doubted her – #comfortovereverything


little angel has melted our hearts once again, this time with a coat
that turns her into the sweetest lil’ Benjamin Button you’ve ever
seen. That coat looks like the most snuggly travel outerwear choice

is obsessed with polka dots and she’s not afraid to show the world.
The classic kid-friendly pattern is paired with a yellow ribbed
sweater-vest for a completely unique look.

loves showing off her ankles! Once again, the peg leg look is
completed with cuffed up overalls and a cream, long sleeved
undershirt. That asymmetrical pocket detail is giving us outfit
inspiration for days.

Swan is clearly being channeled here, but we think Ainini rocks the
look better than Mila and Natalie, TBH. Black tutus can be so much
more fierce than pink ones, and we’re glad this lil’ cute pie
understands that.

vibes are filling this Swiss mountain-girl, (“of the strange
country,” as she puts it) look with an ocean blue and white base.

her spring market, Ainini once again gives us completely jealous with
her cinched in boyfriend jeans and stylish, neutral button-down
paired with coral socks.

We were starting to get a little attached to Ainini sock game, but she looks pretty darn cute in ballet flats as well! The black tutu must be her dark side, while the white one is her fairy inspired look.

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