Tips and Tricks On How To Look Like a Million Bucks Without Spending A Fortune


While we would like to say that we don’t care about what other people think, if we’re being honest, we do care. Sure, there are a number of people who can proudly say they don’t care about other people and their opinions, most of us aren’t that lucky. We all sort of want to look out best and for everyone to like us. Ideally we’d like to look the way stylish celebrities do when they’re out and about. You know, casual but effortlessly elegant. Naturally, looking like a celeb requires a lot of effort and money. But we’re here to tell you that there are a couple of tips and tricks you can use in order to look like million bucks without spending a fortune, and we’re here to spill the beans.

1. Learn to prioritize correctly. We often spend hundreds of dollars on fancy dresses and special event outfits we will only wear once or twice. It’s much smarter to spend more money on clothes you wear often. So splurge on a good pair of jeans, buy that good quality shirt that’s $50, get that pair of leather shoes that are both comfy and will last you a lifetime – you’ll wear these things every day and look good. And if you need a fancy dress for an even, just rent it.

2. Dare to wear all white. It doesn’t matter weather you spent a fortune on an all white outfit or under $20, wearing all white looks fancy and stylish. You will immediately radiate confidence, good taste and look important.

3. Small details matter. Expensive, quality items have straight stitches, no loose threads and the buttons and zippers are sturdy, so check for these small details when buying clothes and consider how long they will last you. Plastic buttons and zippers get damaged very quickly so consider buying quality ones from the start, or at least replacing the cheap looking ones on the clothes you already own.

4. Adding a little gold to your outfit will immediately make it look more expensive. The goal is not to overdo it. A couple of gold accessories, like some earrings and a bracelet are enough. No need to wear a gold sparkly jacket and a gold purse – it’ll just look tacky.

5. Earthy toned clothing items lose their pigmentation after a couple of washes and tend to look cheap and old, so it’s always better to avoid that. Instead opt for pastels or bright colors, they’re more likely to look good longer.


6. Mixing textures within an outfit always looks cool. It adds dimension to your look and it’s a great way to make your outfit look interesting without adding any accessories to it.

7. Lace always adds a feminine touch to an outfit, but it’s important to use it in moderation. It’s fine if your dress has a small lace element, or your blouse has a lacy trim, but don’t go wearing a full outfit made of lace. There’s a huge difference when it comes to lace used in haute couture and the lace used in mass production, so it’s better to use it in moderation.

8. Sequins and fake gems should never be worn by anyone. It looks cheap and tacky. We know that lots of haute couture outfits rely heavily on these elements, but those are real gems, so unless you can afford those, don’t bother making do with fake ones.

9. Imitation suede is always a good idea if you want an expensive looking jacket. You might be tempted to get a faux leather jacket instead, to look very cool and edgy, but it’s hard to find decent fake leather. Most of the time it just looks very cheap and rubbery, while imitation suede tends to look pretty convincing.

10. Get a good quality bag. Sometimes you have no other choice but to spend a little bit more. When choosing a handbag look for hard-lined ones, they will last longer, keep their shape and are more likely to actually look good. When it comes to color, stick to neutrals like black and white. You can also consider beige and some jewel tones like sapphire blue or emerald green. These often look good even when it’s fake leather. Avoiding jewels, fringes, embroidery goes without saying.

11. Pay attention to materials. Cheap stretchy fabrics tend to lose their shape quickly and they don’t look impressive at all. Instead, choose structured fabrics like neoprene or go for natural fabrics like linen, cotton and tweed – they tend to look more expensive, even if they’re actually from a charity shop.

12. Stick to solid colors, they always look more expensive than patterns. If you must wear patterns, check that it’s consistent. If the pattern suddenly changes or breaks, if the design ends halfway on a seam and continues at a different angle it means the manufacturers were trying to save fabric. This would never happen with expensive brands.

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