This Gown Designer Creates Stunning, Literal Works Of Art

You may have heard of Alexander McQueen or Prabal Gurung when it comes to famous evening gown designers. And while those designers have their merit and incredible talent, there are also more underground designers you should know about.

Sylvia Facon  is the one name you haven’t heard about, but absolutely should. This lady is the perfectionist of gown designers, and possibly one of the most creative ever, when it comes to concept, silhouette, and mediums.


She works with stunning fabrics for a feminine yet refined and meticulous aesthetic which is still totally innovative.

This French designer can dominate any catwalk with her looks. She’s created things out of the unimaginable, like old book spines, violins, and real flowers, turning them into otherworldly creations.


Her looks appear as if they could be found in a museum, and look as if they are even part of the model’s body, growing out of it organically.

These gowns aren’t the average ones found in the pages of high fashion magazines. It merges the worlds of history to look like something we may have found centuries ago.



This look is one of the famous floral ones, and the color of the bodice matches perfectly. We love how the tall grass is climbing up it as though her face is the flower rising form the stems.

This superbly beautiful number has us wondering – did Sylvia paint this portrait on the lacer or did she recruit a painter? It brings us back to a more romantic, simpler era when it wasn’t all bandage dresses and crotch peekaboos.


If historical aren’t your jam, this flawless princess look is perfect for the ballet, your wedding, or just a casual day in the park like this beauty is enjoying. This gown is the definition of couture and weirdly doesn’t make us hate tulle.

We admit, the backdrop for this dress is perfection. This is perhaps the most elegant cleavage look ever. With picturesque townhouses lining the bodice’s edge and hauntingly elegant sleeves, we’re not sure how many minutes it takes to put this masterpiece on and off.


Music lovers will be truly appreciate of the careful effort put into this violin dress, made out of actual violin pieces and music sheets. A phenomenal take on a one-shouldered look. Maybe not the most comfortable (how will she sit, exactly?), but a sublime piece of artwork which designers of all walks will admire.

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