This Flight Attendant Travelling The World Gives Us Wanderlust


Meet Brigita Jagelaviciute. She’s a Lithuanian world traveller and vlogger who posts wanderlust-worthy videos on YouTube such as day trips to Australia, layovers in Kenya, and her first name in NYC.

Part of the reason for Brigita’s own Wanderlust is that she’s a part time flight attendant. We wonder how much time this babe spends on planes!


Yup, this gal was just a 23-year-old Emirates flight attendant, and as she flies all over the world, she’s becoming a sensation on Instagram.


Brigita has been to up to 74 countries so far, and she has no signs of slowing down. Neither does her growing fanbase of 77k+ followers.

She thinks that’s not too impressive, though. The vlogger says: “That’s only 30% of the world, so I still have a long way to go.”



While she might not learn a six-salary figure like many insta-models do, she still gets to see some of nature’s most breathtaking beauties, and has given us travel inspiration for days.


She says another perk to frequent travelling (though jet lag can get the best of her) is the opportunity to make and hold on to long-lasting friendships.

Besides jet lag, Brigita also says that the difficulty of the job can be having to rapidly adjust to different temperatures, environments, and time zones, but that the adventurous career is well worth it.


Brigita strongly advises everyone to hop on a plane and start accomplishing their own dreams of world travels, because “travelling this world is the best education you can ever have.” We’d have to agree.

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