This Dessert Designer Makes Amazing Floral Macarons


Social media has made all of us so-thought Betty Crockers rethink our baking skills. And while some desserts on IG are just about making a show for the hype, there are some accounts like @ayseyamanbutikpasta that remind us dessert is a true art.

When you think of macarons, you think of light, crisp sweetness. You think of Sex and the City. You think of a romantic getaway or girls trip in Paris. And this account embodies all of those things, ten-fold.


The rose blossom macarons are by far our favorite, and are made with complete perfection. And apart from the roses, some of the floral details (we’re looking at you, Pansy and Hydrangea macaron) are seriously out of this world.

She even made adorable Easter themed ones that are more sweet and whimsical than they are obnoxious or pretentious.


We wonder if she would make a giant or layered Macaron as a custom bridal piece, because these miniature works of art easily stand on their own as a centerpiece dessert.


Her take on Oreos with flowered cream is also cheeky, but equally amazing! And possibly an attempt that us normals could try, unlike a fragile macaron shell.


We simply adore how this account isn’t at all an act of showing off, but truly reflects a passion for the art of floral decor and baking. Her talents extend past macarons as well – the floral art on her cakes is so good, it’s hard to tell if it’s actually edible.


We’ve never seen anyone do with buttercream frosting what this talented Instagrammer has. Not only does she embark on flowery adventures, but she knows her botany and it reflects well in her projects.

The coolest part is that this user posts macron blossom tutorials from other bloggers so that us normal humans can try to attempt her goddess-like works of art (and miserably fail).


The real question is: Can this Turkish cake and pastry designer do a floral bouquet within a jumbo macaron?

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