This Babe’s Colorful Lifestyle And Apartment Makes Unicorns Jealous


Meet Amina Mucciolo – a self proclaimed unicorn, entrepreneur, and artist. She sells rainbow colored tassels, and is the coolest in-your-face color curator we’ve ever seen! In theory, all rainbow everything might raise an eyebrow or two, but just wait – Amina Mucciolo kills it with ease.

She rocks the most colorful hair, but wait till you see her apartment. It’s a rainbow explosion filled with violet walls, pastel furniture, and massive floral wall-pieces. And it obviously wouldn’t be complete without a floral wall. We have a feeling not many people would be able to pull this off.

Seriously, how many people would be able to pull off a green futon with purple walls without making their house look like a nursery or Willy Wonka gone wrong? Only this kween, apparently. Some serious interior design skills on deck, guys.

Anyway, girl’s whole life is rainbow themed, and we’re into it. Someone whose life goes by an only-explosive-colors theme might sound obnoxious, but somehow, Mucciolo has the swag to just make us envy her want to be in her squad way more than T-Swift’s.


Amina suffered from personal demons and almost went through a rabbit hole after her parents’ divorce, but she conquered them through color and came out on top. Apart from her radiant beauty which shines inside out, she’s an inspiration to aspiring female entrepreneurs all over. And selling colorful tassels isn’t a bad way to make a living!

She promotes self love, posting phrases like “a million likes means nothing if you don’t like yourself”, and her colorful presence (literal and her bright emotional aura) naturally puts people in a good mood! It’s hard to stay the Grinch when a babe with multi-hued locks and purple glitter shadow is sticking her tongue out at you or smiling.

Her IG also pays homage to the colorful works of others, like stunningly designed pastel cupcakes, cotton-candy hued smoothie bowls, or unicorn toast. She also has IG accounts dedicated to rad unicorn hair and her tassels.

People who claim to only wear the color black are going to experience some severe life changes after scrolling through Mucciolo’s cupcake-hued, positive-vibes lifestyle. Her wardrobe, nails, and humble abode are on point, and her whole approach to living live makes us want to grab ours by the reins!

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