These Will Be the Biggest Fashion Trends in 2018

If you’re into fashion you’re probably all over this month’s fashion events. There have been so many interesting things on the runway it’s hard to tell which of them will stick. We all know that this season red is in trend, but what will be fashionable in Spring, and in 2018 in general? Well, we’ve analyzed all the fashion shows we’ve seen so far and spotted a couple of things that were present in a lot of them. We think it’s fair to assume that if multiple designers are into it, so will be the fashionistas and the general public.

1. Fringe
Fringe is back with a vengeance, so if you’re not into it – tough luck. It’s on jackets, dresses, coats, tops, skirts and even bags. If you don’t have some fringed items in your closet you better get some, because it’s all over the runways and it’s going to be everywhere on the streets in 2018.

2. Dark Denim
Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears might’ve been laughed at when they wore full denim, but they were looking into the future. The denim on denim looks have been seen in Versace, Fendi, Tom Ford and many other collections and we have to admit, it kinda works. But keep in mind, it’s gotta be dark denim.

3. Lavender
You probably noticed there was a lot of nude and pink things around lately. Well that is bound to change in 2018. Looks like lavender is the IT color for spring. Valentino went with light pastel lavender, Michael Kors chose more vibrant shades, Tom Ford and Max Mara went for metallic versions of lavender in their collections. All signs suggest that all shades are in, as long as it’s lavender.

4. Pastel Shades
It seems like every designer had a couple of fully pastel shades. Vogue called them “Gelato shades” and it seems quite fitting. After all, those models, dressed head to toe in one pastel color did look a bit like cute pastel ice creams.

5. Buckle Boots
Buckle Boots are already popular and their popularity will only grow in 2018 if Vivienne Westwood, Balenciaga, Chloe, Alexander McQueen and other designers have it their way. And we don’t know about you, but we’re excited about it. Gotta love a good buckle boot.

6. Florals
You probably already thinking “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” After all that’s what Devil Wears Prada taught us. But turns out florals are in for 2018. But big, 60’s style florals, with bright colors, big prints and all sorts of embellishments. Marc Jacobs, Dolce and Gabbana and Saint Lorant can’t be wrong, they know what they’re doing.


7. Plaid
Whether plaid makes you think of school uniforms, snooty professors, or punks you’re about to witness it everywhere in 2018. Tartan and gingham patterns all over the runways suggest that you should really look into buying some plaid items or getting your old school uniform out and breathing some life into it.

8. Plastic
Start singing Barbie Girl by Aque, because “life if plastic – it’s fantastic” is about to become reality. We’ve never seen so many creative outfits made of plastic on the runway. It really does look like Chanel, Valentino, Burberry have gone weather-appropriate and decided to prepare you for spring showers.

9. New Trench Coats
You’d think something as classic as a trench coat is perfect as it is and should be left alone, but no. It looks like designers all decided to try their hand at improving the fashion classic by ripping it, adding a pop of color or embellishing it with some patterns. Nothing is sacred anymore.

10. Pencil Skirts
Pencil skirts have a reputation for being boring and office appropriate. Not anymore. Looks like they’re getting a reboot and not they’re bright, colorful and sort of whimsical. It’s like they’ve been given another chance and this time they’re going to be a statement piece.

11. Shorts
Forget mini skirts. 2018 will be all about shorts. Wear them to work, to school, to an evening out or a gym. Short or long, bright or beige, silk or leather – doesn’t really matter as long as you’re wearing shorts. We gotta say, we’re liking the Louis Vuitton blue shorts and extravagant jacket combo the most.

12. Slip Dresses
Slip dresses are still very much in. Except now they’ve gone from lingerie to new wave in terms of style. Colorful, bright and embellished with various patterns and sequins they taking over the runways and we’re loving it.

13. Daring Exposure
We saved best for last. It looks like our parents were wrong when they said you can’t go out in your underwear. Fashion trends for 2018 are very favorable to exposing some flesh in see-through dresses.

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