These 9 Movie Scenes Referenced Famous Paintings

Have you ever watched a movie and thought “that is a work of art, this frame looks like it could be a painting”? Well, it turns out that sometimes that is exactly the case. Some directors like to pay homage to beautiful paintings and they try to recreate the painting in a movie. Here are some of the scenes that you might’ve seen and marveled at their beauty but never knew they were actually inspired by a painting.

1. Django Unchained vs The Blue Boy

Did you think that blue outfit was just made up by Tarantino? It was definitely inspired by the 1770 painting by Thomas Gainsborough.

2. Melancholia vs Ophelia

This is actually incredible, don’t you think? Lars von Trier is an absolute genius and this reference to Ophelia, the John Everett Millais painting is so well done. It’s not a copy, it looks different, yet you can clearly see the influence.

3. Inherent Vice vs The Last Supper

We’re pretty sure Paul Thomas Anderson thought it would be hilarious to recreate The Last Supper but with pizza.

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