The Ultimate Guide to Beyoncé’s Grammy History


At the 2021 Grammys, Beyoncé  earned her 28th win, making her officially the most awarded woman in all of Grammy history. That night, Beyonce had a whopping nine nominations. During her acceptance speech, she said she was “honoured” and “excited” but those words don’t come close to defining how iconic this woman is in her field.  Especially because what she won was in honour of Black Parade, her Juneteenth release on black power and strength. As a result of the win, we wanted to celebrate with a guide to Beyoncé’s very decorated Grammy history over the years, and how she got to where she is today. 


This was where it all started for Bey, and Destiny’s Child will always be synonymous with her roots. Alongside Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, and Farrah Franklin, Beyonce and her group were nominated for the first time, but didn’t get any awards. 


Just one year later (and missing another member) this popular R&B group attended the Grammys show once again, with these breathtaking green outfits that we’ll never forget. They were nominated for five awards, and this time, went home with two!


Imagine performing with Prince for your third Grammy appearance. This year marked Beyonce’s solo career, which would skyrocket to heights no one could imagine. She did an electrifying duet with the Purple Rain singer as they performed his best-known hits. The same year, she went home with a staggering five Grammy statues, after six nominations in total as a solo artist.


Knowles then went on to the 2007 Grammys, where she performed an unforgettable rendition of Listen,her hit song from Dreamgirls, which she also acted in. She was nominated for awards in four separate categories and ended up winning Best Contemporary R&B Album.

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