The Stunning Transformation Of Demi Lovato

From young Disney starlet to pop star dominating the world, Demi Lovato has been on quite the journey. She’s opened up about addiction and sexuality, as well as garnering a few impressive nominations. Through all the ups and downs, here is the breathtaking transformation of Ms. Demi Lovato. 

An early start in entertainment

When she was 8 years old in 1999, this young starlet from New Mexico showed up on Barney and Friends with her fellow soon-to-be celeb, Selena Gomez. According to Demi, kids at her public school made fun of her for being on Barney, but she soon realized that it was a jealous response from children who wished that they were singing and acting on-screen. For those who wonder if she missed out on education due to homeschooling, she told Rolling Stone that she learned so much in that time, that she was actually able to teach her math class things they didn’t know!  

Her first Disney gig

In 2008, Demi Lovato earned her first gig on Camp Rock, a Disney Channel Original Movie. She famously co-starred with the Jonas Brothers… Then, in 2009, she starred in Princess Protection Program, another Disney flick with her bestie Selena. 

Struggles with body Image

She’s been open about this for years, and since it’s a struggle that many little girls and teens all over the globe deal with, we’re so proud of her for using her voice as a platform to speak up. Lovato has talked about her body dysmorphia and eating disorders, which stopped her from returning to acting for years. She said that when acting, people in her close circle micromanaged her diet, which didn’t help. Still, she’s a body positive icon, posting IG stories of her stretch marks, cellulite, and lack of thigh gap to show a relatable celeb to the world, and embrace herself in an act of self-love.

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