The Most Stylish Sunglasses You Need This Summer


Sometimes it seems like the only options for sunglasses are insanely expensive high-end brands, or cheap shades that aren’t great for your vision. So we rounded up the most stylish, affordable, and high-quality brands that the celebs are rocking, but that won’t make a horrific dent in your wallet. These chic sunglasses brands will keep your eyes protected, and make you look damn good!

Ace & Tate
This Dutch brand founded by Mark de Lange has affordable but expensive looking frames that are all hand-crafted in Italy. Mark knows how important it is to be able to switch up your frames (if you 400 bucks on a frame, you’re probably not going to swap them out anytime soon). They’re all about flexibility and quality. And saving the environment – their new line Our Black Is The New Green is made from 100% biodegradable acetate.

Indonesian model and designer Fahrani Empel ensures all her frames are made with Mazzucchelli acetate, and handmade in France and Italy. Her silhouettes are impressively unique – like her new shape “the Delapan” which is a cat-eye heptagon shape. Obsessed. Fahrani is inspired by her heritage, a connection to nature, and Native American philosophies, using dreamy colors like green, coral, and marble.

This is a new, baby brand, but since Kendall Jenner and Jaden Smith already love them, we think you’re going too as well. Apart from their impressive celeb following, they’re just as affordable as they are trendy! From bold and loud oversized frames that look straight out of Mad Max for just 58 bucks, how can you go wrong?

Founded in 2013 by Stirling Barrett, the brand is inspired by the founder’s native New Orleans. Gigi Hadid and Alessandra Ambrosio are crazy about this brand. It’s not the lowest price point on the list, but for those dreamy rose gold models, we could maybe justify dropping a couple of bills.


Worn by the likes of Zoe Kravitz and Wiz Khalifa, this brand is known for their signature oval-style shape. The unique materials they use are ethically sourced buffalo horn and metal. Apparently, the founders were inspired by a flea market find discovered in Southern France, which had an unusual shape: slightly elongated and round, which then inspire the brand’s first gender-neutral signature. If you’re more low key, it’s a surprising silhouette, but not as crazy as some of the others on this list.

Andy Wolf
You have to check out this Austrian-based eyewear by Andreas, Wolfgang and Katharin. We love the uniquely colored frames against the differently hued lenses. An effortless skater-inspired androgynous style but also perfect for more elegant events, depending on the colors you choose.

Cast Eyewear
Cast Eyewear is all about expressing yourself boldly and proudly. Chunky, futuristic frames dominate this avant-garde brand, and if Rihanna has rocked them, then we most definitely want a pair. Definitely not for the shy or those looking to blend into the crowd. Definitely for those who want to get style blogged at Coachella.

Le Specs
Dating back to 1979, this eyewear brand has been synonymous with all things stylish. But their recent collab with Adam Selman with new shapes, styles, and reflective silver eras will give you some vintage nostalgia (Beyonce and Gaga think so too, and have worn Le Specs before). The upgraded, strong shapes and the variety of them is what draws us to Le Specs – we love the oversized, overextended cat-eye the most, and so do the celebs, it seems! Here’s to upgrading and remixing the past!

Gentle Monster
This Kore eyewear brand being compared to Opening Ceremony is everything you need right now. They’re known for breaking boundaries and experimenting without shame (have you seen their ski-goggle frames for Hood By Air?), but they also have their more minimal, understated looks. Some frames are wildly thick and have Gaga-esque extras, while others are razor thin and light as a feather on your face. With all those options, what are you waiting for?

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