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The Most Flawless Buttercream Flower Cakes We’ve Ever Seen

There’s no better time than COVID to re-discover your inner baker. Cooking and baking don’t just fill up our stomachs, it nourishes our souls. The other thing that’s gotten us through this time is nature and it’s awe-inspiring beauty in quiet moments. This baker decided to combine those two inspirations with her buttercream flower art, which has earned 100,000 followers on IG.

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, Kwun is an artist and baker who runs Butter & Blossoms. We’ve seen lots of pretty floral cake art, and the realistic nature of Kwun’s art has our jaws dropped.

Take this sculpture of a peony, for instance. The curling nature of the petals and the unfurling movement add some serious movement into this food art, with soothing green leaves to add some balance.

We also adore how she sometimes paints the stems and leaves on the body of the cake, with the flowers as a crown of sorts, so it kind of looks like a freestanding bouquet of flowers. Looking at nature makes us feel peaceful, but add dessert to that and you have the best of both worlds.

Her flowers are made from ingredients like glossy buttercream and bean paste. The fact that this isn’t pure fondant blows our mind.

This baker believes that the rose is a simple classic we always return to. She mentions in her caption that this is the hardest flower to create. While the glossy and vibrant flower shines here, what we really love is the leaf detail, which comes off as almost metallic. Apparently, the stem and vein detail is done with a pallet knife.

She’s pretty much inundated with questions about online classes. Everyone wants to make blossoms like this master of buttercream — we’re eagerly awaiting her next class as well!

Until then, we can look forward to checking for regular uploads on her YouTube channel, which might have less followers but much more valuable information on how to become a master baker. Watching her paint on the flowers almost feels meditative.


Kwun doesn’t just paint flowers on her delicious works of art. This Swiss buttercream creation is a portrait of lemons, and she really slayed it with the shine. Why lemons? The baker explains that lemon patterned items are very famous in her hometown, especially for women’s dresses. She made this for a friend’s birthday.

Obsessed with this signature rose, but also the integration of earthy colors against the pale ombre of pastels. Against a tan, slightly coffee toned base, it’s a dreamy and romantic combination.

Can’t decide on what flower you want? Get a bunch of different ones on a dozen cupcakes. Sometimes the frosting base itself is a frilly swirl, but this one keeps things basic to let the true works of art (the flowers of course) fully shine.

Sometimes you only see these cakes as beautiful creations of art, but this is proof that these cakes are edible and completely scrumptious. A moist, light golden cake and an evenly dispersed cream cheese filling. This naked cake has a surface that’s full of life and wonderfully sparse sides.

This incredible cake blows all other Mothers Day cakes out of the water. We love how it’s a verdant green rather than your typical pinks and purples that Mother’s Day treats are decorated with. She calls it her “Arabian Jasmine sculpture” and created it because the Jasmine is the signature flower of Mother’s Day in Thailand.

The flavors on her website include luscious lemon, bananas for bananas, dreamy chocolate, and fluffy vanilla. Our mouths are watering already. While the artist’s personal favorite frosting is lemon buttercream with fresh lemon curd, her chocolate and vanilla buttercream are also quite popular.

Perhaps try out your own buttercream flower cakes at home using her YouTube videos as inspiration — talents like Kwun didn’t start out as prestigious bakers and masters of intricate details — they got there through practice. Combining Mother Nature with the soothing feeling of creating art makes this a much needed addition to our self-care routines.

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