The Magical Light-Up Cinderella Dress That Stole The Spotlight At Met Gala

The Met Gala makes a lot of noise every year. The celebrities try extra hard to look their best, but they also try their hardest to stand out and be the most original. This year was no different. Many things caught the media’s attention — Taylor Swift’s new edgy look shocked the public and the fans, Katy Perry bleached her eyebrows, Kim Kardashian came dressed pretty much as a sexy robot and Kanye West’s colored contacts made everyone do a double take. Kylie Jenner apparently scratched up her legs because of her dress and Beyonce had to cover herself in lubricant before slipping on that latex dress where each pearl cost around $8000. However it was Claire Danes who made the biggest splash with her awesome light-up Cinderella dress.
the-magical-light-up-cinderella-dress-that-stole-the-spotlight-at-met-gala-02 the-magical-light-up-cinderella-dress-that-stole-the-spotlight-at-met-gala-03

This year the Met Gala was sponsored by Apple and the theme of the night was Manus x Machina: Fashion in an age of Technology. While pretty much everyone took the futuristic theme quite literally and created their own fashionable robot outfit, Claire Danes and fashion designer Zac Posen took a different approach. Instead of creating another metallic, robot-like, futuristic outfit they took something seemingly well know and old fashioned and added a spark of technology to it. The result was mesmerizing.

Claire Danes looked like Cinderella from the moment she arrived on the red carpet, but everyone was in for a surprise once the lights were dimmed. Her fabulous dress was literally glowing in the dark in the most gorgeous, elegant way possible. It looked like her dress was made from a starry summer’s night sky. I think we can all agree that Claire Danes’s dress is a masterpiece and Zac Posen is a freaking genius for coming up with such a brilliant concept and then actually making it a reality.
the-magical-light-up-cinderella-dress-that-stole-the-spotlight-at-met-gala-01 the-magical-light-up-cinderella-dress-that-stole-the-spotlight-at-met-gala-04


In case you’re wondering how was that dress made — here’s the gist. First of all, they basically had to create special fabric to make the dress. Fiber optic cables were woven into the fabric of the dress, which took a while and they basically only got the fabric a week before the Met Gala. In order for the dress to light up, and keep glowing throughout the night thirty mini batteries were sowed into the dress and wired up to a switch on the inside of dress. Altogether it took about 600 hours to make this magical dress from start to finish. Quite impressive, right? Was it worth it? Well, Claire Danes got onto the best dressed list, didn’t she? Which means so did Zac Posen for creating the glowing Cinderella dress. And that’s not easy when you’re at an event where everyone is trying to upstage everyone with their outfit.

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