The Magic Of Styling: Turn Shopping Fails Into Stylish Looks

You’ve probably read a whole bunch of stories and even seen videos about people ordering clothes from shifty looking online stores and receiving something very different to what was advertised. We’ve all seen those expectation vs reality side by side pictures. The items listed online look incredible and the price seems too good to be true, but when it arrives at your doorstep you quickly realize that you just spent money for a bunch of ill fitting rags. That’s what happened to Agne Jagelaviciute, but she found a new twist on this well known internet tale. Instead of just being outraged at how bad the items she received were, she decided to see if there’s a way to style these clothes into something decent, or dare we say, fashionable.


So first things first. Let’s take a look at what was advertised on the website and how the clothes were supposed to look. Agne ordered 3 dresses. The first one was a salmon colored flowy dress that looked suitable for a date or a day out. The second was a boho inspired red summer dress that looked effortlessly cute. And the third one was an emerald green fitted dress with flared sleeves and a patterned skirt that looked like it would make you look like a badass business woman on the streets of New York.


What she received, however was just sad. There was seemingly no way of making any of these dresses look good. You could either cry or laugh at how bad they looked. The material was all wrong, the fit didn’t even resemble what she saw on the website and even the colors were a bit off too. However Agne had a few tricks up her sleeve. First she ironed all of the dresses, that already helped a lot. She also suggest wearing the right kind of underwear or even shapewear to make the best out of this situation. In order to make the items fit well, Agne isn’t above cutting or pinning the material into place.



Another think to consider is to completely let go of the original intention for the garment. So what if it was meant to be a summer dress if it looks better as a fall kaftan? The goal here is to make it look good no matter the season.


Speaking of that, layering is always a good idea. Throw a coat on top, or a chic cardigan – these are always handy when needing to hide excess material or an unflattering shape. Accessories are your biggest weapon here. But use them smartly. Don’t go overboard and don’t make them the focal point of your look. A belt is a good way to cinch in the waist, matching earrings and necklace will help out with a weird neckline and a nice pair of shoes can dress up a simple dress. Combine expensive pieces with the cheap stuff you got in the mail. This will make the look more interesting and keep people guessing.


Makeup is also an important thing to consider. You can make the weirdest things look intentional or even stylish with a good makeup look, so don’t underestimate that. And here we are. As you can see these tips and tricks helped Agne turn cheap, weird looking and bad fitting dresses into something that can look good and make people’s heads turn in a good way. We hope her example will be helpful to you.

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