The First Hijabi Covergirl Is Here, And Her Name Is Nura Afia

In the face of some pretty startling situation that descended upon our world recently, any celebration of diversity and positive event is a cause to put a smile on your face. Nura Afia is the first Muslim, hijab-wearing Covergirl ambassador, and she’s a boundary-breaking badass.


Apart from being a makeup tutorial goddess and a beauty guru for the social media masses (her videos have over 13 million views), the stunning Nura Afia is revolutionary for providing makeup tutorials and hijab styling tips, a market that’s not so niche for Muslim girls all over trying to figure out their style identities.

Afia herself says she grew up insecure because of her hijab making her stand out, and is proud that the world is finally at a place where she could witness “Muslim women represented on such a large scale”. Her gorgeous face is currently covering a billboard in Times Square, so we can agree with that!

Afia is Moroccan, but Denver-based, and has been doing Youtube tutorial/making us jealous of her skills since 2011. A flawless smoky eye and the ability to show fans how to tie an equally flawless turban hijab? Honestly, what can’t she do?

This also follows the appointment of 17-year-old James Charles as a Covergirl ambassador, and we can get on this bandwagon! Covergirl posted on IG with the tag #lashdiversity, and a group portrait of their vibrant and unique team including stars Sofia Vergara and Katy Perry. Shoutout to Covergirl for being inclusive. We need it now more than ever.

Here’s another impeccable look from the queen artist herself, just because. All hail and revel in Afia’s unbeatable glow (from her very wise contouring expertise) and just accept the fact that you’ll probably never be able to achieve this level of artistry unless it’s done by Afia herself.

Apart from making your wildest matte lip fantasies come true, and suggesting the most awesome products for you to spend your paycheck on, Afia and Covergirl changing the beauty world and broadening it’s definition of beauty. We can only hope and pray that more brands will follow this shining example.

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