The Best Outfits Of The 80s From Celebs

Fashion in the 1980s was all over the place: shoulder pads, puff-sleeves, permed hair, crimped hair, scrunchies, lots of denim, chunky and colorful accessories, leg warmers, all of these are just some of the trends that were popular during that decade. So how does one even begin to wear all of that and not look like a joke? Well, here are some of the celebrities that really managed to make 80s fashion look good and pull it together into cohesive, stylish outfits. 

1. Sarah Jessica Parker 

Sarah Jessica Parker has always been a very stylish celebrity, so it’s no wonder that in the 80s she was thriving. She combined all of the top 80s trends in one look. A messy curly ponytail, tied up with a big scrunchie, 80s blue jeans, and an oversized blazer and those sparkly shades complete the look perfectly. 

2. Christy Turlington

Christy Turlington was all about dressing to impress. Just look at that cream suit, it’s such a power move. But even the look on the right says “I might be going for the casual look but I mean business.” This girl could show up at a company and say she’s their new boss and no one would question it.

3. Joan Jett

Being a rock star in the 80s meant a lot of interesting outfit choices. The singer of the Runaways was doing pattern clashing before it became mainstream, and yes, she’s wearing all the accessories at once. Alternatively, we like to think of her pink leotard look as a low key outfit. You know, minimum effort – maximum results.

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