The Best Looks Of Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn is not only a talented and world-famous actress but also a style icon. This lady can pull off any look, be it a big and glamorous dress, a chic little black dress or a simple top and cigarette trousers. And whatever she wears instantly looks chic. Is it because she’s got impeccable style? Or perhaps it’s just the way she holds herself, or maybe it’s her beauty or her lovely personality that makes us think that everything she wears is goals. It’s hard to say if it’s just one thing or an amalgamation of everything that makes her Audrey that makes us think that way, but one thing’s for sure – Audrey always looks incredibly stylish. So let’s take a walk down memory lane and remember some of her best looks.

1. This is a dress Audrey once wore to the Oscars in 1954 and that was the year she won her first Oscar. It was for her role in the movie Roman Holiday. No wonder it’s a classic. But look at that gorgeous white dress with lacy details, so feminine, so elegant.

2. A lot of Audrey’s dresses both on set and for awards and movie premieres and events were by Givenchy. This red one was definitely a very extra dress. You could say she dressed to impress, but it’s fitting considering she wore it to the Lifetime Achievement Awards that was honouring Givenchy’s work.

3. Here’s Audrey in 1990 winning a Golden Globe for her Outstanding Contributions to the World of Entertainment. A classy cream dress is absolutely perfect for that kind of event and that kind of award.

4. This beautiful dress Audrey Hepburn wore to the Oscars when she was nominated for her role in Sabrine. She looked so freaking gorgeous and stylish in it. It showcased her beautiful ballerina frame perfectly.

5. A yellow and orange dress with floral motives, not exactly something you would imagine Audrey wearing, but this is what she wore on the set of Funny Face and she made that dress look absolutely swoon-worthy. After all, Givenchy would make a dress that looked anything less than fabulous.


6. Audrey would often wear quite modest yet figure-hugging dresses. She would show off her shoulders and her tiny waist but it’s rare to see her in a dress with a slit or a deep v-neck. So this dress that shows off a little triangle of midriff is actually quite unusual for Audrey.

7. Audrey’s style definitely grew and changed with her. This is a dress she wore to a benefit in the early 90s and it’s definitely bright and eye-catching with that green skirt and black and gold bodice details.

8. Audrey is one of those women who aged so gracefully. It seems like she stayed the same size all the time and even in her later years she still looked incredible in a dress with open shoulders and a bodice that hugged her waist like a second skin. And the pink skirt ads a whimsical element to this too, classic Audrey.

9. This is a beautiful dress that Audrey wore in Love in the Afternoon. It’s such a simple design, but it looks so good that it wouldn’t look out of place even now. How did they manage to create such a timeless piece of fashion?

10. This pink dress is a Givenchy creation she wore in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Many people remember the scene from the movie where she wears a black dress as she has her breakfast in front of a jewelry store, but few people remember that she wore a way more memorable pink one later on in the movie.

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