The 12 Tallest Women in Hollywood

When girls are naturally tall, they get made fun of in their childhood. But when they turn into boss babes and supermodels, who’s laughing then? Plenty of tall girls are extremely striking but try to shrink themselves for the sake of others. Here are the tallest women in Hollywood who prove that big is beautiful.

1. Karlie Kloss

We’re obsessed with Karlie for being a tall girl who owns her height, and a nerd who owns her geekiness! More supermodels like this, please. On being 6’1, Kloss told People magazine, “I think you should own it.” She encourages accentuating your differentness and standing out from the crowd, and we agree.

2. Uma Thurman

Uma is the six-foot gazelle we all inspire to be. I mean, how many women dressed up as the actresses Kill Bill character? She’s the definition of vixen, but has an unconventional face and body that help her stand out. Still, she wasn’t always so confident. Only at age 35 did she stand tall without stooping at all.

3. Elle Macpherson

When your nickname is “The Body,” how could you not embrace your height? She finally discovered that her unique height made her beautiful, but in her teens, she always felt awkward and wished she was shorter. A role model for other Australian girls – don’t try to shrink. You could be Elle one day!

4. Ireland Baldwin

The daughter of Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin is a jaw-dropping 6’2. She’s definitely taller than little sis Hailey, and with Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin as her parents, it’s no wonder she’s so tall. Her dad called her a “thoughtless piggy” back in the day, but she could probably win a fight with him now.

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