Taylor Swift Blesses Fans During Quarantine

The lives of celebrities during this time of quarantine are not too far off from our own lives. We’re all stuck inside, but celebrities have it a bit better since most of them are stuck inside their mansions with pools, unlimited square footage, and other amenities that the rest of us aren’t privileged to have.

Many stars are connecting on social media and reaching out to their fans in unconventional ways. Take Taylor Swift, for example. She shares adorable quarantine pics of her cat Meredith with her 129.5 million followers, encouraging them to “be like Meredith” and self-quarantine as much as possible. Also, Meredith’s bed is fancier than ours.

This is typical cute Taylor Swift content that gives us a sneak-peek into her life, but it’s also a unique way to encourage social distancing and the idea of self-quarantine for her hundreds of millions of fans. This encouragement is less pushy than others who have chosen more aggressive tactics, and the gentle approach is perhaps the secret to getting through to people.

With weather finally warming up and most of us still stuck inside, we all need a little more Swifty content than usual. It’s tempting to go out and meet up with your friends, but if famous people can refrain, so can we.

Routine is at the heart of comfort, for many of us. Having our routines thrown out of whack feels disorienting, and brings loneliness for many. But having our favourite famous people cheerleading us on makes the difficult task a little easier.

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