Science Reveals: 11 Things That Attract Women No Matter What


The laws of attraction are the same for all people, but it takes time to figure them out. Some rules are quite obvious and can be applied to both men and women: we like polite, intelligent people who smile a lot and know how to listen when the other person is talking. However, things aren’t always that obvious as we often find ourselves completely smitten with people we never thought were our type. Why does that happen? Science has found a few answers and is eager to share them with us. Here are 11 scientifically proven things that attract women.

Grow a beard
The beard trend is on and off, but one thing we can say for sure – most women love it! Back in 2013 Australian researchers revealed a study on male attractiveness, proving that the majority of women subconsciously find bearded men more masculine and dominant than the shaved ones. Although, the beard needs to be well-groomed, otherwise it would read as careless and immature.

Forget the pickup lines
Yes, science went as far as to study those cheesy pickup lines as well. And you know what? They don’t work! Like, at all. Around 90% of women find pickup lines incredibly hilarious or downright annoying. What women do like is when men approach them in a simple, direct manner without all that unnatural stiffness of rehearsed lines. A simple ‘hello’ will get you much further than any of those words!

Wear a ring
As weird as it may sound, women are more attracted to guys that are already taken. During an experiment 56% of women admitted they would date a guy that was shown to them, but the number rose to 90% after they were told he already had a partner. This happens because women have actual proof that the man has some good qualities, making them curious as to what they are. So if you want to attract women – try wearing a ring!

Feed her
There’s a reason why we often choose restaurants as our dating ground. Sharing food is one of those experiences that immediately bring people closer to each other. Even strangers develop warm feelings towards one another when they share a pizza or a bag of popcorn! The Frontiers in Psychology journal published a study on ‘food for love’ that revealed women are just as dependent on food offerings as are men. This behavioral pattern goes back to the days of child-parent relationships. So if you want to get closer to her, don’t hesitate to take her to your favorite restaurant!

Make jokes
Scientists still can’t explain why this happens, but women are more likely to date a man that made them laugh (preferably more than once). Whether it’s a sign that they are sociable or witty enough to crack a good joke, women simply can’t resist a man with good humor. It’s a test of sorts for women as well – if she gets your humor, she’ll probably get the rest of you, too!


Mind the height
It’s not something you can control, but all scientists agree on one thing – women are attracted to men who are taller than they are. It’s just how they are wired! A taller man seems more confident and masculine, bearing features of a leader. The same goes for guys as well! They consider taller men stronger than the shorter ones. While this is something brought upon us by nature, you should not despair as there are plenty of ways to attract women other than being tall.

Try wearing more red
Colors are important and women pay a lot of attention to styles, designs, and patterns. That’s why you should do that, too! It’s a well-known fact that red is the color of love and attraction and we all know that women in red dresses look beyond astonishing. But this rule works for guys as well! Studies reveal that women consider guys in red much hotter than those wearing any other color Psychologists believe this has something to do with red being a symbol of status, that’s why you should at least try incorporating this color into your style.

Learn how to play the guitar
Remember those college days when all the girls were going crazy over music bands? Well, there’s scientific proof supporting that! The Psychology Of Music journal published a study stating that women like guys with guitars three times more than all other men. On Facebook, 28% of women responded well to a man holding the guitar, while only 10% were interested in the same guy, but without the instrument. This phenomenon is as old as the world itself and has something to do with women perceiving musicians as more passionate and emotional.

Respect her
It may be hard to believe, but for women respect is more important than good looks. That’s right! A survey conducted by ABC News revealed that 85% of women believe that respect is the number one quality a guy should have, while only 55% of men from the same survey wanted a girl that would treat them with respect. Around 40% of men confessed that good looks are really important for them, while for women it wasn’t such a big ‘must-have’. Respect was far more important!

Pay attention to the shoulder to hip ratio
It’s not something you can truly change as broad shoulders are something you are born with. Nevertheless, guys with V-shaped bodies are more likely to attract women as they perceive this body shape to be more masculine than a more slender build. Of course you can hit the gym to improve your looks a bit, but be careful because women aren’t very attracted to super ripped guys from Men’s Health. They would rather prefer the ones you can see in Cosmo.

Smell as nice as possible
Women like to look, but they like to smell even more! A slightly non-scientific study revealed that the smells of leather, printer ink, paints, and gasoline are among the most sensually exciting aromas on a man. It’s a bit more complicated than that, of course, as we all have pheromone receptors and react not only to those smells, but to a variety of complicated compounds that go with them. Other studies reveal that women are drawn to men that smell of sweat, but it also depends on whether a certain woman likes the body odor of a certain man. You can experiment as much as you want with this!

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