Ryan Gosling Couldn’t Keep A Straight Face On SNL

Ryan Gosling Couldn’t Keep A Straight Face On SNL 1

Even big shot actors can’t be professional all the time. Ryan Gosling, the dream boat, the actor we all have a crush on, couldn’t help but laugh during his time on SNL. Ryan can be seen struggling to keep a straight face during most of his sketches. You might think that’s bad, but really, that only made the sketches even funnier and better.
Ryan Gosling Couldn’t Keep A Straight Face On SNL 2

Santa Baby was objectively the best sketch of the night. It looked incredible and was a great example of awesome acting, amazing camera work and funny writing. It had us laughing from start to finish.
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The Birthday Party sketch was comedy gold. Ryan’s character of an incredibly awkward dad of a 13 year old birthday girl was hilarious. It was difficult not to laugh out loud seeing Aidy Bryant creepily hitting on Ryan while dressed as a kid, and Ryan doing his best not to break character. Even though Gosling was struggling to keep a straight face, it only added to the awkwardness and made the sketch so much better.
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However, what we think was the funniest is Ryan Gosling completely breaking down and giggling during the Close Encounter sketch. No matter how much he tried to mask his laughter and pass it off as “crying with joy’ we could all tell he’s giggling so much he’s shaking. Laughter is infectious so pretty soon the whole cast was struggling to keep a straight face. But let’s face it, we can watch Ryan Gosling giggling for hours and still think he deserves an oscar. You know it was your favourite sketch ever.
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