Russian Artists Create Amazing Plant & Flower Artwork From Paper

Etsy isn’t just a marketplace- it’s home to abundant imagination. It’s a creative hub for artists, makers, and dreamers, and Tania Lissova’s Etsy shop is absolute proof of that. The DIY queen is a Russian paper artist who creates hand-cut paper plants and other botanical goodies made completely out of paper.

Her works of art have garnered almost 350,000 followers on IG alone, and it’s the breath of fresh air that we’ve so desperately needed this summer. Her sets of miniature green plants are delightful, and startlingly realistic thanks to Tania’s meticulous cutting and color choices.

She also does flowers of different hues, and sells paper flowers to put on your phone case. In the caption on Instagram, she writes “paper flowers on your case. Not forever, but beautiful.” It’s kind of poetic how real life plants are the similar with their temporary wonder.

Knowing how to display these beautiful, delicate creations is a big part of their magic. Here, Lissova proclaims her love for gilded caskets, since they “hold my paper plants like jewels.” She places them according to type – here, we see a melange of a) wild flowers, b) green leafy plants, and c) flowering plants and more.

Nobody even bothers with handwritten letters anymore. But if you had such a gorgeous envelope exploding with flowers, wouldn’t it inspire you to write the most epic love letter ever? The edge is embroidered with a delicate border of flowers reaching out, that looks like an entire garden.

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