Quarantine Pillow Challenge


It’s day who knows what of quarantine, honestly I’ve lost count. We’re all going slightly mad from cabin fever thanks to the rules of self-isolation. But hey this just means that we’re all online 24/7 and we keep coming up with crazy creative ways to keep ourselves busy. Some of us have started learning TikTok dances, some have taken on 30 days of yoga no Youtube to calm our mind and stretch our bodies, and Instagram has us doing possibly the most hilarious challenge of all – the pillow dress challenge.

That’s right since we can’t go outside this is the new indoor fashion trend. We’re kind of past the point of pretending everything’s fine. Maybe during week one and two you still did your best to shower and dress as if you’re actually going to leave the house, to keep some semblance of normality and keep your routines in check, but now we’re past that. Don’t even lie, you’re also wearing sweatpants and a hoodie or leggings and a t-shirt most days. And that’s on days you get out of bed. Well, this new challenge embraces the quarantine lifestyle. It’s exactly like lounging in bed but make it glam. Who says you need real clothes when you have pillows?

To join the challenge by attaching a pillow to yourself with a belt, accessorize the best you can and take a photo to post on Instagram with #quarantinepillowchallenge. Feel free to use this impromptu at-home fashion photo shoot as an excuse to put on some makeup, do your hair, maybe even wear heels. I mean, this is the new sexy, clearly. And while a white pillow is becoming a classic, like a quarantine version of a little black dress, we really love those rebels who are playing with color and texture, it really adds to the look.

1. White pillow, black belt, black purse and some really cool sunglasses – this is the new IT look. Perfect for lounging and impromptu photoshoots.

2. Furry friends make a great companion for a bedroom photoshoot. And it looks like that cat loves the idea of pillow dresses.

3. Small puppies are obviously the way to get all the likes on your photo, double that with wearing nothing but a pillow and you’ve got yourself a recipe for the most liked photo on your account.

4. These girls know how to stand out. All you need is a bit of color and pink is a clear winner.

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