Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Love Story ( From Blind Date till Oprah’s Interview)

Once upon a time, Meghan Markle was an American actress starring on the hit TV show Suits while Prince Harry seemed to be on a very different trajectory, trying to find his place in the royal family as the rebellious joker in a strait-laced community. But what happened when the world’s most eligible bachelor and this radiant actress met? Sparks flew, and history began.

The blind date that started it all

In 2016, mutual friends introduced these two in London via a blind date. Immediately, Harry was taken with her beauty. He told the press later on that he immediately realized she was “the one” as soon as they met.

The two dates they had were electric, and the new couple decided to travel to Botswana together for Megan’s birthday, embarking on a romantic holiday where they slept under the stars. Just months later, Meghan went public in Vanity Fair, telling the magazine that “We’re a couple. We’re in love. Personally, I love a great love story.”

A date at the Invictus games

Meghan and Harry fell for each other, and fast. Their love was a whirlwind of happiness, and as a response, the British press jumped on this gossip, trying to find out every morsel that they could. For this reason, the Prince and the actress kept quiet until the 2017 Invictus Games, where they proudly held hands and smiled together, sharing their joy with the world.

Attack of the tabloids

Still, with this big decision to go public, their fairytale turned into a nightmare thanks to the aggressive media, who harassed and abused his lovely girlfriend. The Prince was embroiled in legal battles to keep false rumors out of the papers. Photographers and reporters tried to get into Meghan’s home and even harassed her loved ones and friends. 

The journey that sealed their bond

The British people and the tabloids hoped that by poking the bear, they would eventually fizzle out the unconventional relationship between this mixed-race actress and the handsome redheaded Royal. But the opposite happened. They bonded in the face of adversity and were more in love than ever. Based on interviews with magazines, it seemed like a wedding would soon be in the works.

The big proposal 

Harry proposed to Meghan in November 2017, with a ring made with two diamonds that belonged to Princess Diana, his late mother. The central diamond? It was from Botswana, of course. How romantic!  They shared this sweet milestone moment with BBC, where they also revealed Markle would be leaving acting to work with her fiancee full-time.

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