“Pretty in Pink”: Where Is Molly Ringwald Today

Many people only recognize Molly Ringwald for her charismatic presence in multiple 1980s rom-coms, while younger generations only recognize her as Archie’s mom on Riverdale. This talented redhead starred in many iconic roles, from The Breakfast Club to Pretty In Pink. Today, we’re here to see what happened to the charming Molly Ringwald, and where she is today.

Humble beginnings

Molly might have a cult fan-base even decades after her films, wasn’t she wasn’t born into fame. In fact, the actress was born to a blind jazz pianist and a female chef.  Still, she was destined to be famous from a very young age. At only five years old she starred in her first role, playing Alice in a local stage production of Alice in Wonderland.

Three consecutive 80s hits

Moly Ringwald was born on February 18, 1968. She was an idol for many teens, and represented a coming-of-age for many generations. Her breakout role was in 1984, where she starred in Sixteen Candles. The director actually wrote the entire screenplay with Molly in mind, after meeting her and being inspired. She would continue to be his muse for years.

A year later, she starred in The Breakfast Club, and in 1986, she featured in Pretty in Pink. All of these happened to be directed by John Hughes, and the themes in all three deal with the issues of upper middle class high schoolers around the United States.

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