Photographer In Isolation Shoots A Lego Wedding We All Deserve

British wedding photographer Chris Wallace is a perfect example of how to keep busy and be creative at the same time. He, like many self-employed people, is out of work due to the lockdown and self-isolation. He went from having multiple wedding photoshoots planned to everything being cancelled or postponed. In just one day all of his work just stopped, even though he was booked for weeks and months in advance.

It makes sense, no weddings are happening right now and it’s not like he can do his job remotely. But Chris found a brilliant way to keep working on his craft, have a bit of fun and promote his business in the meantime. He married his lego figurines and did a full-blown wedding photoshoot for them.

You find creativity in the weirdest places when stuck at home on quarantine, so Chris found his old lego set in the attic from 20 years ago, dusted it off, ordered a lego bride and groom online and got to work. It took him about three days to plan and execute it all and write up a blog post, but the result is worth it. Chris also enjoyed being able to have full control, all the time he needed to take the perfect shot and not feeling rushed like he usually is at real weddings.

He called his bride and groom Florence and Fred and even made up a backstory for them. You should really check out his blog post on his website. Chris is clearly not just an amazing photographer but also has a great sense of humour. Here are some of the things he got up to for the photo shoot.

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