People Are Letting Kids Dye Their Hair, And The Internet Is Freaking Out


People are dying their kids hair and posting it on the internet, and people have some pretty strong opinions on it. Cool moms are all for the cause when done in a safe way, but some judgy internet police definitely had some opinions as well.

One angry commenter wrote, “Absolutely not, let children be just children. If you want to do something really GOOD with her hair then grow it and donate it. That will teach your kids solidarity, empathy, support etc..” Ok, internet troll, thanks for telling everyone else how to parent!

In terms of health, it’s not safe to bleach or dye hair until puberty, due to the sensitivity of young hair making it more prone to damage by ammonia or paraphenylenediamine. But if it’s done in a healthy and natural way, there shouldn’t be any negative repercussions.

Honestly, it’s more appropriate for a kid to try out these funky colors than a grown-up. I mean, adults with purple and pink hair? Is that the intended, appropriate demographic for Rainbow Brite hair?


If it’s safe and healthy why not? “I allow my daughter to express herself in any way she wants as long as it’s not damaging,” one parent says. Herbs and teas have been used to dye hair in cultures for ages, and is a great natural alternative.

It should also note that we approve the only non/semi permanent rule, and most of the parents allowing their kids to dye their hair agree. Dermatologists say that temporary colors simply coat the hair shaft and aren’t as damaging as dyes, and that doing a patch test is not just safe but vital in regard to allergies.

If DIY isn’t so much your style, we suggest doing a balayage at a salon since foils or bleaching can be so damaging. It’s gentler to fine locks which younger kids usually have. If you’re iffy about the age that it’s ok to do this, ask a pediatrician just to be safe.

It can also be a fun bonding activity to do together. For moms that love to experiment with dyeing their own strands, this is the perfect girls night in with your daughter. What are your thoughts? Would you freak out if your kid or niece came home with electric neon streaks?

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