Nicole Kidman: Transformation Photos of Then and Now

Nicole Kidman has established herself as one of Hollywood’s elite actresses. She has created a prolific career, having starred in several films that have gone down in entertainment history. Kidman started from humble beginnings, but has worked hard and become very well-known for not only her talent, but her stunning style as well. Since she got started 3 decades ago, she has gone through many changes in her personal style. Her style has evolved throughout the years, but has always embodied the trends and beauty of the time. Throughout her career, you can see how she has continued to refine her look while still wearing pieces that make her stand out. It is amazing to witness just how much class and grace she commands through the fashion pieces that she collects. The transformation of her as an individual can be seen in her style, from the red carpet to the instances when paparazzi catch her in civilian clothes on the street. From her first appearances on the screen in small films in her homeland of Australia, to her appearances on the big screen in blockbuster movies, her style progression reflects the increasing success that she has experienced over the years. If you want to see the true style evolution of this famous actress, check out these transformation photos of Nicole Kidman then and now. 

“Days of Thunder” Era

Back in 1983, Nicole Kidman’s first film debut was in the Australian scene, in films entitled Bush Christmas and BMX Bandits. She then made waves in the film Dead Calm, another Australia based film, which led to her Hollywood come up in the film Days of Thunder with Tom Cruise. During this time you can see Nicole Kidman wearing a typical 90’s style outfit, with a crisp white blazer and white tee underneath, pedal pusher jeans and white socks with sneakers. 

Tom Cruise Marriage Days

Back in 1989, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise fell in love when they co-starred in Days of Thunder. The two got married in 1990 and stayed together for 11 years of marriage, and even adopted two children. Unfortunately, they ended their relationship in 2001. Kidman can be seen with Tom Cruise during this era with sporting a simple black dress and big spiral curls.

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