Most Stylish Zodiac Signs Ranked From Worst to Best

Have you ever wondered if your Zodiac sign has anything to do with your fashion sense and style? It’s not an exact science and we can’t say for sure that if you’re a Virgo you’ll be into goth chic, but it does have some effect on your outfit choice and what style you’re more likely to prefer. So we thought it would be fun to see which Zodiac signs are most stylish and rank them from worst to best.

12. Scorpio
We’re not saying Scorpio girls have no style, but they tend to stick to what they know and aren’t likely to experiment or try something new or unusual. They have their to-go outfits and they wear them with pride. They’re not ones to spend ages in front of a wardrobe, looking for a new cute outfit. Scorpios like to look professional, put together – stylish but buttoned-down. Their looks are consistent. You know what to expect every time.

11. Pisces
Pisces will always looks nice, but they play it very safe. They prefer feminine dresses, soft colors. You know, something one would wear to make their new boyfriend’s mom love them. It’s not bad, it’s just not very creative. They need to focus on the new boyfriend and not his mom!


10. Sagittarius
Sagittarius girls like their outfits to tell the story of their adventures and travels, which is good in theory, but in practice it usually comes out looking very so-so boho. And let’s be honest, that’s not the trendiest choice. That ship has sailed.

9. Virgo
Virgos are classy and practical and so is their style. They always look put together and modern. However, they are too scared to take risks when it comes to fashion, so their outfits are generally toned down, or can we say, “tone deaf” when it comes to Uber style.


8. Leo
Leo’s will definitely try to put effort into making their outfits look creative. But they like to keep it subtle, maybe a bandana instead of a scarf or a necklace, or a bright silk scarf in their hair or as a bag accessory. Nothing huge, they prefer to let their big personalities to take center stage.

7. Taurus
Taurus girls are practical. They’re not into flashy new trends, they stick to basics and classic shapes and colors. However that doesn’t mean they can’t look effortlessly cool in a classic blue jeans and a nice white shirt.



6. Libra
Libra’s have very balanced personalities, but at the same time you never know what to expect from them in terms of style. One day they will wear bright colors, sexy outfits and bold silhouettes, other times they will keep things modest, safe, earth toned or pastel. You never know.

5. Aries
Aries women are confident and they like to look cool. They also prefer not to fuss too much about their outfits, so they wear unstrained chic clothes like silk tops and slip dresses with leather jackets. Let’s call this simply mix-and-match!


4. Capricorn
Capricorns tend to go for an expensive and professional look. They’re not prone to being thrifty at all! They choose high-end materials and clean cut lines. That’s always a winning combo, no matter how you look at it.

3. Gemini
Geminis like experimenting with their style. Their outfits can usually be described as eclectic and bold. They like mixing modern and vintage for an interesting look. It’s not the brand that matters to them, but rather the mood they’re in and the look they’re going for.


2. Cancer
Cancers generally go for striking silhouettes, interesting cutouts and dangerous slits. They like making a statement with their fashion and style. They want people to do a double take when they see them on the street.

1. Aquarius
And finally we got to number one, the most stylish Zodiac sign in our opinion – Aquarius. Why are they the most stylish? Because they always look unique and original, they like being different and they like breaking rules. And, after all, isn’t that what style is really all about? Aquarian ladies are pushing the envelope constantly and we applaud them for doing so.

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