Most Famous Hollywood Celebrity Godparents

Many people who work together in Hollywood end up actually being close friends. They work so well together on screen that they develop relationships off-screen as well. Some of the most amazing actors are also friends with other famous celebrities, some of which may be kind of surprising. They spend time with each other’s families and end up becoming immersed in each other’s lives. These close friends can end up becoming best buds and even making each other the godparents to each other’s children. If you are ready to learn more about these close friends, check out these most famous Hollywood celebrity godparents. 

Mariska Hargitay and Sophia Meloni

Mariska Hargitay and Chris Meloni have developed a relationship off screen through Law & Order: SVU. Hargitay and Meloni are co-stars on Law & Order, and grew quite close over the years through the show. When his wife Sherman Williams was pregnant with their child Sophia, Chris and Sherman decided that Hargitay was a natural choice for a godmother. “The birth of his first child and being privy to his amazing, solid relationship with his wife, before I had that for myself. I  think that Chris and Sherman played a really big role for me, to see this really stable couple that loved each other,” Hargitay said. 

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