Moncler Has Created Puffer Coat Gowns and They’re Amazing

What’s one of the worst parts of winter? Having to look stylish while not trying to get frostbite, for the most part. Covered up by heinous parkas, we lose our shape, femininity, and overall mojo. Luckily, Moncler is here to fix that.

The famous brand has creates a $2,710.00 dress that appears to be a bizarre hybrid between an evening gown and a puffer coat.

It’s currently sold in blue and pink, featuring a maxi bubble skirt silhouette that matches a sleeveless top. The sleeves pictured on the models are detachable, and sold separately. These gloves also happen to cost $1,500.00 each.


The material has a shiny finish which the brand describes as being accomplished with “lacquered-effect tech fabric.” While this looks very comfortable for those who live in chilly Northern climates, not all of the internet seems on board with the French fashion brand’s most recent and polarizing move.


Puffer coats have been consistently making a comeback as a recycled trend, so at least Moncler is trying to create something innovative as a homage to the puffer coat, even if it’s not the most popularly accepted at the moment.


In a way, it blends the worlds of evening elegance and utilitarianism style, creating a brand new fashion hybrid. Isn’t that what creativity is all about in the first place?


Some would consider the looks dramatic high fashion, while others find the looks more akin to one of those Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube People.


It’s unfortunately only sold in a limited size range at the moment, and can be purchased on the Barney’s website.

Rich and skinny folks that hate the cold are the only demographic to be hitting up this trend so far. However, we can’t wait for a more affordable version to hits big box stores so that we can feel fancy in something that feels as cozy as a onesie.


Is this look too weird for you, or would you be proud to flaunt the cozy-chic look?

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