Mindy Kaling Is Not Making Weight Loss Resolutions, And Neither Should You

Mindy has shared that 2021 is the year that she decided not to make the oh-so-popular resolution to lose weight. She, like many of us, has been on and off diets for all her life. You could say it’s a lifelong rollercoaster. But having had a second child recently, she’s decided it’s time to just enjoy life and live for yourself. She’s focusing on her family and being in quarantine for a year definitely changed her perspective in a good way.

When Mindy was pregnant with her first child, she knew she had a movie to shoot pretty soon after, and she was constantly stressed about not putting on too much weight while pregnant, and then very focused on losing as much weight as quickly as possible after giving birth. She basically admitted to eating fish and salads for 2 months straight. And now, looking back, Mindy admits that all that stress about gaining and losing weight took away from her enjoying her pregnancy. 

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