Meghan Markle vs Kate Middleton Style: Who is More Stylish?

It’s no doubt that Meghan’s style has become a lot
less wild since she joined the Royals. Her look is sleek and creative now.
We’re sure that there’s a whole team behind this effort, but that doesn’t make
the result any less impressive.

Meghan’s stylist and reported BFF Jessica Mulroney
worked to help her transition from Suits to Duchess. They worked to make her
style different, because they knew it would automatically be compared to her
sister-in-law, Kate. Meghan is accused of wearing ill-fitting dresses, but even
if she wore skintight dresses, the public and the media would have something
snarky to say about it. After all, she’s the first biracial Duchess that has
been thrown into the press with such vigor.

Meghan has already faced some harsh judgments and
comparisons to the much more traditional Royal Family member that is Kate
Middleton. Being accused of being a style copycat would be another unbearable
comparison added to the pile. For this reason, Meghan’s looks are consistently
more minimalistic with understated elegance. Perhaps she is naturally inclined
towards these neutral color palates, or maybe it is a conscious effort to not
draw excessive attention to herself. Her husband even begged the media to leave
her alone.

While Kate is there to help out with royal protocol
and wearing particular designers as a Royal, we’ve heard that relations between
the two are less than friendly, and even a little chilly. Sometimes, us girls
just don’t bond – female friendship chemistry is real, guys!

That being said, we think that Meghan has some
gorgeous post-wedding style. The two have worn the same colors in extremely
different ways and played with silhouette in their own manner as well. Some
even say Meghan’s style is inspired by Princess Diana even more than her
sister-in-law’s looks are.

1. Take this look, for instance. Both Meghan and Kate
are rocking yellow, but Kate opts for a drawn-in waist and more girlish
silhouette, while Meghan goes for a more toned-down version focusing on sublime
fit and high necklines.

2. Here, they both wear floor-grazing white ensembles.
Kate opts for lace and a traditional pleat, while Meghan instead is wearing
wide-legged pants and a top with some sheer detailing. Once again, Meghan goes
for a more modern and cutting-edge aesthetic.


3. Here, the babes experiment with teal differently.
Kate rocks her fairytale-like dress with plenty of bling. At the same time,
Meghan’s gown is a little more bling-free but just as elegant, with a dramatic
fishtail silhouette. The fishtail is such a Hollywood choice, but Meghan looks
truly diplomatic in it.

4. How could we compare styles without seeing the two
most televised weddings ever? Both of them looked gorgeous in their dresses,
but extremely different. While both of them opted for long-sleeved gowns,
Meghan’s was less figure revealing and slightly more mature, in a pure white
rendition. This must’ve been Meghan’s beginning of her trademarked high neck –
classy babes really don’t feel the need to bare it all. Kate’s look was done by
Sara Burton, the creative director of Alexander McQueen. In contrast, Markle’s
gown was done by Clair Waight Keller, the artistic director of Givenchy.

5. While Kate is comfortable with bright and loud
colors, Meghan is more familiar with neutrals and dark tones that are just as
swoon-worthy. Her color choices look phenomenal on her skin tone, and give her
looks more of a relaxed and less of an uptight vibe.

6. We’ve all seen Middleton rock a strong floral
dress, and know she’s not shy to play around with prints and statement pieces.
Meghan, on the other hand, is more conservative with muted hues because she
can’t afford to experiment with outfits the way Kate does. She’d be met with a
sea of critics, which isn’t fair but is the reality.

7. Kate Middleton is like the prim babysitter that
doesn’t allow junk food, while Meghan is like the cool older sister. While Kate
is tailored to a T, Markle’s in an all-black ensemble with an open jacket,
gloves off, and chic slouchy boots.

8. People might be more comfortable with the conventional idea of a Royal wife, especially in British society, and Meghan is still relatively new to the Royal scene. Haters gonna hate, but we support you, Meghan! We think that her style represents a futuristic and open-minded generation of royalty. I mean, what other Duchess can rock a slouchy silk jumpsuit with such ease and grace?

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