Mega Lego Fan Opens Lego-Themed Restaurant In The Philippines


Were you a fan of Legos as a kid? Well, we bet this guy was a bigger fan than you. Jergs Correa had such a thing for Legos, he decided to open his own Lego-themed restaurant in the Pasig City in the Philippines.


Yes, you can eat real life Lego brick burgers, and we desperately want our own Lego molds so we can do a DIY version of these. Stuff your Lego burger to your heart’s desire – onions, bacon bits, mac n cheese, and sauces.

While you’re waiting for your food, you can play with Lego sets, fulfilling all your childhood heart’s desires. How do you feel about eating simulated plastic pieces in colors like bright red and yellow? The one with the black bun is cleverly called the “Darth Burger.”

The interior design is all Lego themed, with lights that look like floating bricks, Lego themed chairs, and more. Perfect to bring sons, nephews, and adult man-children.

If you are turned off by brightly colored buns, you can order chicken wings and pasta, which are a very bizarre addition to an otherwise only-Lego theme. But at least everyone who gets mad you dragged them here can order something semi normal.

But all things considered, you probably wouldn’t find this in your local shopping center, so just for the novelty, it’s worth checking out. If you prefer a classically golden toasted bun, and theme restaurants annoy you, maybe skip this and head to your local burger joint.

If you’re a mega fan, have seen the Lego movie/have been to Legoland more than you can count on one hand, than this restaurant is probably your dream come true. They have no official leg ties, even though Lego tweeted a surprise face emoji when they saw this burger! (Shade or a compliment?)

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